Spring Equinox Ritual: The Joy of Becoming

The Spring Equinox is a moment of perfect balance between day and night. We invite you to create your own Spring Equinox Ritual as a way to honor this threshold crossing in your own life leading you from one state of being into another. The energy of Spring is tantalizing, arousing, and beckons you to break free from the confines of winter's dormancy as you reach toward new horizons in the journey of your becoming. Orienting to this seasonal shift is a powerful way to reclaim your ancestral connection to radical joy and embodied aliveness.

In this blog post you will find:

  1. Introduction: A Personal Reflection

  2. What is the Spring Equinox?

  3. Wheel of the Year

  4. Nature's Collective Wisdom

  5. The Joy of Becoming

  6. Spring Equinox Ritual

Introduction: A Personal Reflection

Dear friend, can you hear it? The collective song of life's renewal and the joyful stirring as birds and critters come out from winter's hiding? The gusty winds and stormy skies who bring sweet rains and fresh air breathing new life to the thawing landscape?

Even as I write these words, the sound of rain outside my window carries a promise of hope. The grove of trees swaying in the breeze gleefully show off their newly adorned fingertips bursting with bright young buds! Spring is here. I write these words with a sigh of relief, as though the shift toward longer days will automatically lift the heavy weight of winter's darkness that clings to me like lichen. If I'm being honest, my body still feels stuck in winter... I'm tired, more tired than usual, and I have heard from others that I'm not alone.

For me, Spring is such a healing salve for my soul. I love watching the land wake up, paying close attention to as many small signs as I can to confirm that the darkness really is behind us. I love the beauty and vitality in the shoots that push from the earth and uncoil from the trees. I love the daylight that lasts, and the volatile air currents that bring balmy breezes, and commanding thunder sometimes all in the same day.

In naming those things, Spring is also a call to action, a call to movement, aliveness, and taking new risks. The internal quickening of early Spring is now longing to be expressed externally in how we are showing up in the world and our relations. Storms stir up stagnancy in the inner and outer landscape, winds welcome change, rains replenish our roots, and warming sunlight softens hard edges. The energy of Spring is tantalizing, arousing, and beckons each of us to break free from the confines of winter's dormancy as we reach toward new horizons to claim our own becoming.

Spring Equinox Prayer

Greetings to the spirit of Spring whose nature is movement and dance is change.
I bow to the blowing winds and feel your movement press up against my stubbornness.
Rattle my inner stagnation awake like a tiny seed bursting from the crack of their outer shell.
Break me open in all the places that need new growth so that I may see myself with eyes wide open.
I feel the water of life flowing around my feet.
Yes, you encourage me on my way.

What is the Spring Equinox?

"Spring sparks a shift from dreamtime to daytime; from freeze to flow; and from planning to

action. We’re at the halfway point between winter and summer. It’s a point of balance that

will shortly tip in the direction of more daylight, more warmth, more color, more fertility, and

more outdoor activity. It’s all pretty energizing, but it begins with a moment of exquisite

equipoise." - Hope Horton

The Spring Equinox is a point of balance which marks the halfway point between the Winter and Summer Solstice, this year arriving on March 20th. For this reason, we honor this moment in the year as a threshold crossing that leads us from one state of being into another, from the dark half of the year into light. The Spring Equinox also initiates us into the sign of Aries and a new astrological year.

The word equinox is derived from the Latin aequus meaning “equal” and nox meaning “night”. This is the first of only two days in the year when the length of day will equal the length of night. In the northern hemisphere, after this moment the length of days will be longer than that of nights until we reach the Autumn Equinox, when the scales tip in the direction toward longer nights again. As those of us in the northern hemisphere experience Spring's emergence, our fellow friends in the Southern hemisphere are preparing for Fall's descent as the days begin to shorten.

As the wheel of the year turns, we witness the sun's light grow in strength, heralding the return of Spring. On this sacred day of equipoise, let us pause and consider where we've come from, where we're going, and how we are living out our deepest values and commitments. As nature breaks free from winter's dormancy, so too are we invited to contemplate the elements of life that help us shake off the heavy, slowness that often accompanies the dark time of the year. This moment of in-between provides us with an opportunity to call in the support we need to show up in radical boldness.

Wheel of the Year

The Wheel of the Year is an annual cycle of eight festivals (also called Sabbaths) that mark seasonal turning points in the year. Under industrial growth society, we follow the concept of linear time, however in the past, when we lived in close relationship to nature, time was perceived as cyclical. The Wheel of the Year is a calendar focused on this cyclical journey of the seasons:

Orienting to Cyclical Time

If you are in the beginning stages of disentangling yourself from the death-grip of industrial growth society, shifting from linear time to cyclical time can seem quite foreign and unfamiliar at first. We become so used to perceiving time as a never-ending accumulation of one event after the other... a building of sorts, or perhaps you might visualize it as a straight line with a starting point and an ending (life/death). Be gentle with yourself as you begin to open your mind and body to your natural biorhythmic movement. Disorientation, dislocation and disassociation are all manifestations of the trauma of separation from nature.

Beginning to make the shift toward nature's cycles will take time. The best thing you can do to support this shift is to spend more time immersed in nature. Whatever you're doing in your life now, simply add 10-15 min of intentional time in nature to your day. This time should be slow and mindful, or in stillness as you take in your surroundings while staying connected to your inner landscape.

Nature's Collective Wisdom

Through the turning of the wheel, Nature teaches us that change is the only constant and what once provided us with comfort and protection is now a source of pain and suffocation, preventing us from becoming the humans we are here to be. Through the essence of Spring, nature invites us to pay close attention to what sets us free, what brings us joy, what supports our thriving so that we can show up fully resourced to live boldly in service toward creating the world we long to see.

Collectively we are being asked to stretch ourselves beyond our comfort zones and to give ourselves permission to break free from the outer shell that once kept us safe. We are being asked to dismantle the oppressive systems of internalized white supremacy, heteropatriarchy, settler colonialism, anti-Blackness, and all of the “isms” that together serve to legitimize US imperialism including resource extraction, land theft and degradation, police violence, and militarism, the list goes on....

All of these strategies serve to divide and weaken the true power that WE THE PEOPLE have to divest from business-as-usual and status quo thinking. Breaking free from the shell of white supremacy is the task at hand folks! We are not free until everybody's free… We were born to BREAK FREE.

Settling isn't an option. Mediocrity is not on the table. You are here to SHINE IN SERVICE as you awaken to your role in this struggle. Every year at this time you are given the opportunity to align with the energy of Spring which invites you to BREAK FREE and to look deeply into the areas of your life that hold you back or keep you locked into patterns of stagnancy, complacency and complicity.

Leanne Betasamosake Simpson says it beautifully with these words: “We need to join together in a rebellion of love, persistence, commitment, and profound caring and create constellations of co-resistance, working together toward a radical alternative present based on deep reciprocity and the gorgeous generative refusal of colonial recognition.”