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Leaves Shadow

Individual Retreat Options


 3 day / 2 night IN-PERSON Weekend Retreats. Customized specifically for you and centers your healing process and transformation. Dates, location and place are chosen together. 



A downloadable 34 page eco-somatic self-guided curriculum filled with morning and evening practices, elemental engagement, and nature connection exercises that support nervous system regulation. Additional option: 3 virtual support and integration sessions.


Group Retreat Options


6-hour seasonal deep dives that support you to attune to earth rhythms, cultivate your felt-sense, activate bodyful presence and nurture nervous system regulation through guided, place-based practices . 



4 day / 3 nights IN-PERSON facilitated group healing experience in the Appalachian mountains with guided morning practice, elemental engagement, primal play, ritual, forest bathing, space to rest and attune to inner / outer earth.


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Eco-Somatic Retreats are designed to enhance your experience of belonging and connection to with the living world. We center the felt sense relationship between your inner and outer earth-body as the primary portal for healing and transformation. Our approach combines elements of Somatic Experiencing, Polyvagal Theory, Attachment Theory with place-based taoist practice, embodied earth connection, creative expression, and intuitive movement. 

Our retreats aim to repair dissociation / disembodiment (mind / body split) and separation from the greater body of earth (spirit / matter split) by engaging in practices that…


  • invite awareness back into the living landscape of the body and slowly call back instinctive ways of being,

  • support nervous system regulation and re-patterning,

  • create space to deepen self-trust and listen to one’s intuition,

  • nurture a sense of purpose, vitality and belonging to place ,

  • restore ecological identity (sense of purpose and place) and intelligence (sense of relational responsibility,

  • restore balance and inner harmony by attuning to the rhythms of nature ,

  • build capacity to be with sensations, feelings and to listen to the story of your body,

  • connect, engage and bond with the your inner home (body) and outer home (earth)


Here are some key concepts and practices of Eco-Somatics:


  • Embodied Ecology: Eco-Somatics encourages us to develop a deep, experiential relationship with nature. It emphasizes the importance of immersing ourselves in natural environments and engaging all our senses to connect with the earth, plants, animals, and the elements.

  • Sensory Awareness: This practice involves paying attention to our senses and tuning in to the sensory information that surrounds us. By becoming more aware of our physical sensations, we can deepen our connection with nature and improve our overall well-being.

  • Movement & Breath Practices: Eco-Somatics incorporates movement practices to help us reconnect with our bodies and the natural world. This can include activities like yoga, tai chi, dance, primal play, or any form of mindful movement that helps us experience a sense of embodiment and connection.

  • Mindfulness and Presence: Being fully present and attentive to the present moment is a key aspect of Eco-Somatics. By cultivating mindfulness and presence, we can develop a greater appreciation for the beauty and intricacy of the natural world, as well as deepen our understanding of our own bodies.

  • Ecological Consciousness: Eco-Somatics promotes an ecological consciousness, which means recognizing the interdependence of all living beings and the impact of our actions on the environment. It encourages sustainable practices and a sense of responsibility towards the natural world.

By engaging with Eco-Somatic practices, you can foster a stronger connection with nature, enhance mind-body-spirit integration, and develop a more harmonious relationship with the world around you.

Image by Olena Sergienko

Allow earth to be a healing guide and nurturing presence in your life.

As an extension of nature, your system is designed to be in harmony with the oscillating rhythms of flow, rest, rising, falling, expansion, contraction, and so on. Spending time in nature supports a natural state of nervous system regulation.

Within 5 min of being in nature your body and brain start to change...

Research today confirms the profoundly healing and restorative effects of nature on our mind and body.  Studies reveal that:

Indoors, we tend to use only two senses, our eyes and our ears. Outside is where all of our multi-sensory capacities awaken as we smell the flowers, taste the fresh air, notice at the changing colors of the trees, hear the birds singing and feel the breeze on our skin. Eco-somatic practice will support you to develop your curiosity, expand your senses and explore your interconnectedness to the living environment.

The teachings and healing ways of earth are revealed to those who listen deeply and engage with care. Approaching our relatives with reverence and mindfulness is foundational to eco-somatics.

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