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a community of earth-rooted devotional practice

Leaves Shadow

Reclaim Your Ancestral Roots & Reconnect to Earth Wisdom

Our earth-rooted ancestors followed cyclical time and looked to the great Luminaries (Sun, Moon and Stars) for instruction on how to live in alignment with nature and the cosmos. The Sacred Grove is an ONLINE facilitated community space where you are supported to embody the way of nature, grow your capacity to be with change from a place of agency and power, and nurture humble reverence to all that we do not know. You will practice attuning to earth-based seasonal, solar, lunar and daily cycles of change through weekly eco-somatic practices, bi-weekly moon rituals, and seasonal gatherings.

$35 USD / Month

Image by Annie Spratt


Live & Recorded




+ Monthly Moon Ritual Guide with invitations for each moon phase

+ Monthly Overview with seasonal themes & invitations

+ Monthly Eco-Somatic Guide with weekly practices

+ Weekly Reflection Emails

Online Community Hearth & Forum




All of life is a sacred dance between the polarities of light and dark, expansion and contraction, giving and receiving, movement and stillness.

You rise to greet the light of day and lie down to rest in the dark of night.  Breathing in, your heart rate quickens, breathing out it slows. 


Nature is cyclical, yet many of us have forgotten the inherent ebb and flow of life and move through our days under great pressure, ever quickening speed, and overstimulation. 

Orienting to nature's rhythms supports you to bring clarity, ease and flow into your life and awaken within you a sacred dimension of existence!


Under industrial growth society (aka. colonial capitalism), we follow the concept of linear time which commodifies experience as something to accumulate. Time's passage is marked by hallmark holidays which serve to maintain consumption patterns that are pillaging the planet. They provide the masses with a  false sense of belonging yet ultimately keep us in cycles of dysregulation and addiction. 


This disorientation propels us toward unchecked accumulation, productivity, urgency and external growth while ignoring the necessity to counter such movement toward greater harmony. It's a mode of being that dissociates us from the web of life by cutting us off from embodied wisdom rooted in natural rhythms. The cost of our collective forgetting manifests as disconnection and unwellness in our personal, social, political and ecological contexts.

In the past however, when our ancestors lived more communally and in closer relationship to nature, time was perceived as cyclical.  Life was steeped in place-based relationality, experience was informed by seasonal rhythms, knowledge was shaped by encounters with more-than-human-kin, and intuition was strengthened through embodied conversations with the natural world. People recognized the inherent ebb and flow of life and honored Nature's Arc of Change (life/death/rebirth) because they participated intimately in the dance of the seasons through agriculture.

Orienting to nature's rhythmic arc of change supports us to be in right relationship with the wider web of our ecological belonging because it nurtures embodied wisdom and intuitive ways of being that support our ability to listen deeply, receive the nourishing support of the cosmos, trust the timing of events, respond appropriately, and live in greater harmony. 





Leaves Shadow



Daily Rhythm

Earth Devotion

Embodied placemaking practices every week

Every morning the sun rises, every evening it sets. We are familiar with the rhythm of a day like we are our very own breath. It give shape and meaning to our world. We know in our bones the gentle stir of dawn and the comforting softness that accompanies the beginning of a day. We know the energetic peak of afternoon in its active fullness. We know the yawning evening whose dimming light prepares the bodymind for rest. We know the deep exhale that darkness brings, the sweet kiss of sleep who calls us home to the mystery of night's embrace. Devotional Earth Practices nurture sacred presence in your daily life, inviting you to befriend the living presence of the place you call home.


Lunar Rhythm

Moon Rituals

New & Full Moon rituals every month

Every new and full moon you are invited to create space in your life to honor who you are becoming as you are shaped by change. The moon is ruler of the tides which includes your psychic, intuitive and emotional currents. When we work with the energy of the moon we are working in the dark, instinctive realm; that which is felt but not necessarily seen. Over the course of many lunations you will uncover layers of wisdom that support you to meet your life circumstances with care and compassion. Slow down, drop into the watery realms of embodied knowing; cultivate intuitive modes of perception; and nurture curiosity toward how you are shaping and being shaped by life's shifting currents.  WE MEET EVERY NEW & FULL MOON TO:​ ​​• Slow down, cultivate our relationship to the dark, ​​• Explore and touch into the feeling landscape of our lives and uncover themes in relationship to the changing moon tides.​ Explore astrological insights and the energy available to support you through current life circumstances. ​​• Practice honoring cycles of life/death/rebirth and learn to soften our resistance to the natural ebb and flow of life's changing tides. ​​• Welcome new ways of being as we integrate change,

Seasonal Ceremonies.png

Solar Rhythm

Seasonal Rituals

Wheel of the Year gatherings every six weeks

Seasonal Rituals intimately connect us to to the places we call home by providing us with meaningful anchors we can return to and rely on for the kind of soul sustenance many of us deeply long for. Each season brings with it new changes and initiations that challenge our commitments and capacity. Collectively, these initiations are like energetic portals mirrored to us in the archetypal journey through the zodiac. As part of the living system of earth, you will feel cosmic and cultural shifts in very personal ways. Orienting to seasonal rhythms supports you to harmonize with larger themes and patterns playing out in the microcosm of your life.  Our seasonal rituals follow Nature's Arc of Change - a calendar focused on the cyclical journey of the seasons. This calendar highlights eight seasonal turning points (informed by Celtic earth-based festivals) that honor our cyclical journey through the seasons. ​ Reverence for the movement of creation and continuation of life through cycles of death and rebirth is at the heart of our ceremonies. SEASONAL THRESHOLD DATES: ​​• Late Autumn/Early Winter: Usually falls within the first week of November when the Sun is 15° of Scorpio. (Samhain: Oct. 31-Nov.1) ​​• Winter Solstice: December 19-23 when the Sun transitions into Capricorn at 0°. ​​• Late Winter/Early Spring: Usually falls within the first week of February when the Sun is at 15° Aquarius. (Imbolc: February 1-2) ​​• Spring Equinox : Usually falls somewhere between March 19-23 when the Sun transitions into Aries at 0°. ​​• Late Spring/Early Summer: Usually falls within the first week of May when the Sun is at 15° Taurus. (Beltaine: May 1) ​​• Summer Solstice: Usually falls somewhere between June 19-23 when the Sun transitions into Cancer at 0°. ​​• Late Summer/Early Autumn: Usually falls within the first week of August when the sun is at 15°Leo. (Lunasa: August 1) ​​• Fall Equinox: Usually falls somewhere between September 19-23 when the Sun transitions into Libra at 0°.

The ancient rhythms of the earth have insinuated themselves into the rhythms of the human heart. The earth is not outside us; it is within. Our bodies know that they belong... Guided by longing, belonging is the wisdom of rhythm. When we are in rhythm with our own nature, things flow and balance naturally."
- John O'Donohue


Disentangle from the death grip of capitalism.

Infuse your life with soulful depth and meaning.

Reclaim your sacred relationship to the cycles of life.

Reconnect to the healing ways & wisdom of your earth-rooted ancestors.

Remember your purpose, place & power of belonging in the web of life.

Create space in your life to slow down & take care of your soul.

Strengthen your spiritual foundation & nurture faith in the Great Mystery.

Soften your resistance to what is & flow like a river with change .


  • You will share in rituals orienting you toward the rhythm and movement of the lunar and seasonal cycles. This is a powerful lifestyle embodiment practice that nurtures ecological awareness and relationality.

  • You will develop regulating practices that support you to check in with your inner felt sense and stay attuned to how your needs and desires ebb and flow with change over the course of the seasons.

  • You will nurture a relationship with your interiority and practice coming home to your center on a regular basis. This will strengthen your capacity to be with and embrace the unknown.

  • You will create intentional space in your life to honor who you are becoming and d​irect your life force energy with intention aligned to nature's rhythms.​

  • You will be supported to create space in your life to cultivate the bridge between your inner and outer world.

  • You will step into a sacred grove of fellow earth mystics where you will be seen, held and witnessed in your authentic expression with lots of room to share your gifts, wisdom and learnings. 

  • You will engage in rituals that strengthen your sense of power, purpose and place of belonging in the world.


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Greetings, my name is Jessica Cudney and it’s my great honor to be your companion on this sacred journey of reclamation, reconnection and remembrance as you weave yourself back into kinship with the living world.

I’m an eco-somatic practitioner, multidisciplinary artist, nature spirituality guide and  embodied transformation coach. I’ve been on the path of reclaiming  ancestral earth-rooted wisdom for over a decade.

I live to sow the seeds of a life-giving culture that only future generations will know. I see it as my sacred responsibility to live as beautifully and boldly as I can in service to earth as an expression of my indebtedness, love and devotion to this precious existence. 

I believe that earth is calling to humanity to rise and radically re-imagine our world and reclaim our purpose in service to planetary healing.

Leaves Shadow


A Sacred Grove is a vortex of being & becoming. Sacred Groves were temples and places of sanctuary and ritual for the Indo-European tribes in pre-Christian times: the Germanic nimidas, Celtic nemeton, Latin nemus, Old Irish nemed or fiodh-neamheadh. The core meaning of the root word is “sacred.”  The Celts, in general, did not build temples, but practiced their spirituality in sacred groves or nemetons which were abodes of dietiesSacred Groves have been found throughout the world in various cultures across time.


There was a time when my Gaelic ancestors gathered in Sacred Groves to worship the magic and mystery of the cosmos. A place of sanctuary to commune with the ancestors, spirits and deities of the land. A place where the human world intersected with the divine and Otherworld. Although we are living in different times and with new technologies, we are being called to remember and reclaim our relationship to the natural world. 

$35 USD / Month

Man Walking in Fields

“We will not save what we do not love. It is also true that we will neither love nor save what we do not experience as sacred"

- Thomas Berry

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