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Eco-Somatics combines ecology and somatics to support embodied knowing / being in relationship with the whole of life.

Eco-Somatics blurs separation and nurtures an expansive felt sense of ones indivisibility of self from nature.

Eco-Somatics gives voice to the elemental interrelationships that make up the fabric of our co-existence.

The following practices are designed to strengthen your mind-body-spirit connection in relationship to the land where you live. We encourage you to engage with these practices outside immersed within your natural environment as much as possible. 


As you invoke the energy of a new day, season or cycle in your life, you may feel called toward a daily practice that protects and strengthens your bodymind and spirit. As night turns into day and cycles of death give birth to new life, fresh energy will become available to you. The following eco-breath practice is a simple way to protect yourself energetically, to build vitality in the body, and to nurture your connection to the healing power of nature.

Insta Eco-Somatic Practices for Resilience.png

Feb. 1


A simple practice to invoke harmony, ease, flow toward greater balance in your life. This exercise creates energetic coherence in your fluid body and nervous system.


It is a great practice to incorporate into an Equinox Ritual, marking the seasonal shift from light to dark or dark to light.

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