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“To see nature is to see preserve nature is to preserve the matrix through which we can experience our souls and the soul of planet earth." 

- Walter Christie


To restore and strengthen personal, relational, cultural, and ecological bonds.


Building Earth Culture and Healing the Human-Earth Family through Relational and Ecological Embodiment.

Way Of Belonging is the sacred journey of returning

home to our shared human heart and to the sanctity of Earth 

Our work is rooted in the understanding that we each carry a sacred responsibility toward personal expansion, collective liberation, and planetary healing. We are devoted to birthing new cultural forms and relational realities that dismantle collective systems of oppression, transform human consciousness and cultivate a sacred context of belonging to each other and to Earth. 


We do this by tending to the harmonization of our relationships, working toward justice, and embodying values of Earth consciousness. We are committed to learning and growing together through a shared commitment to: 

Personal Empowerment  & Relational Synergy  

Embodied Activism & Community Care

Eco-Spirituality & Earth-Based Wellness​



Personal Empowerment is the practice of committing to your true Self over and over again. It is an initiatory process of claiming your truth, stepping into your power, choosing to strengthen the path of your heart, and looking deeply into your fears with courage, faith, compassion, and trust.  It is a self-awareness journey of accepting challenges that illuminate your patterned ways of being in the world that have kept you small, comfortable, complicit, and pushes you beyond your comfort zone toward greater accountability. It involves the practice of contemplating the interior space of your inner experience with the aim of integrating new ways of being that cultivate inner power and knowing. When we commit to Personal Empowerment, we are deepening our relationship to Self as foundational for all relationships. 



Relational Synergy is a devotional journey that requires an inner capacity to listen deeply, take responsibility, actively engage in cherishing our shared heart, and work toward nurturing a secure foundation of trust. It is the practice of reorienting our focus in service to the harmonization of our relationships and invites us to be accountable for what is created between two or more people. Synergism requires curiosity, reciprocity, mutualism, and collaboration that serves the expansion, quality, and evolution of any individual entity. It is a relational agreement where two self-empowered entities choose to commit to a shared common goal that fuels the growth of their souls, recognizes their individual needs, the needs of the other, and the needs of their relationship. 


Earth-Based Wellness recognizes what Indigenous Peoples have long known - that the health of our community is determined by the health of the other-than-human-world, Land, and Waters. Earth-Based Wellness recognizes that being in relationship with Earth heals and re-establishes a spiritual connection with the Land. As we engage intimately with the natural world, we align and harmonize our bodies to Earth’s body. Thus, Earth-Based Wellness involves centering our relationship to Earth in all that we do. It captures a holistic understanding of the world, and the inseparability of nature from our health and wellbeing. 


Eco-Spirituality is the ancient recognition that Spirit breathes and lives within all forms of existence. It refers to the intertwining of intuition and awareness while engaging in a relational view of person/planet, inner/outer bodyscape, and soul/soil. Eco-Spiritual cultivation fosters deep inner self-reflection; recognizing the seen and unseen; rediscovering the mystery presence within creation; embodying the sacred, and connecting with the cosmos. It is an acknowledgment that we are One with Earth (Earth is not outside us but within us); a reverence for the living beings with whom we share home, a kinship with all of life’s creatures, and a commitment to serving the reformation of our planet that integrates Spirit.


Embodied Activism is the commitment of showing up for your relations and doing the work to understand your particular place (identity location) within the movement for collective transformation and liberation. How you show up and the nature of your personal activism and unlearning journey is dependent upon who you are and the intersecting identities that you hold. It is all about taking responsibility for the power and privileges you hold and wielding them for the good of all. Embodied Activism is the active engagement in reimagining wholeness and living out your commitment to dismantling systems of oppression and redistributing power to those who hold historically marginalized identities in service to cultural transformation and planetary healing.  


*When it comes to Embodied Activism, we are committed to following the lead of established movements and organizations led by BIPOC and other folx with marginalized identities. We are here to listen, support, and amplify their voices and work. We also host online co-learning spaces for white folks who want to become educated and engaged in anti-oppression work. 


Community Care recognizes that for collective healing, liberation, and transformation to take place, we need to go beyond the individual notion of self-care and extend our notion of self to include the communities of which we are a part, including our more-than-human kin. Community Care asks us to prioritize the needs of our community, especially those who have been systematically marginalized and oppressed. It means supporting grassroots initiatives and mutual aid efforts that channel resources into the circle of our communities. It asks of us to give generously without personal gain in mind. It asks us to use our power and privilege toward justice and equity. 


Humanity is being prepared for the next phase of evolution and

we are all being made ready to play a critical role in its expansion.

​We come from the perspective that what ails humanity at this time is a deep separation from the source of our spiritual sustenance and our embedded aliveness within the greater body of Earth. This has resulted in a collective forgetting of the sacred in our lives, exemplified by the abusive, pathological relationship that the majority of humans currently have with each other and Earth. 

We believe that Earth is calling to humanity through the collective discomfort of these times and is asking each of us to rise and reclaim our purpose in service to planetary healing. This means interrogating the very systems that we have come to depend upon - systems established through genocide, colonialism, slavery, and war. We are bearing witness to the crumbling of an Empire which continues to wreak havoc on the earth. Many are waking up and responding to the inner call to be of highest service; to reorient our understanding of the world and to heal and transform ourselves through our relational reflections. 


As part of whole systems, we understand that individual trauma is embedded within the larger framework of systemic oppression and that what we do to Earth, we do to ourselves. Thus, our work seeks to address these interconnections within the web of our relationships, from the micro to the macro. A shift in consciousness is taking place as more people begin to reckon with the past in order to re-story the present, to look deeply at the source of our pain and disconnection from Self, each other, and nature.  


We are all being asked to rebirth ourselves and to co-create new relational realities by committing to personal healing, relational integrity, collective care, and ecological embodiment. We are here on Earth at this time for a reason: to serve and uphold our sacred responsibility in a way that supports the unity and harmonization of all our relations and of the whole planet. 


We are here to support you on your journey of reclamation as you deepen your commitment to relational embodiment, collective liberation, and planetary healing. 


At her core, Michelle is a healer, seer, and deep feeler. She is steady, committed, strong-willed, and carries the gift of manifestation. When Michelle gets something in her mind, it's only a matter of time before it becomes reality. She is the calm in the center of a storm, and the pearl of her essence is stillness.  As an introverted empath, she is one who thrives in beingness and requires plenty of space to nurture presence and commune with the quiet, hidden aspects of life. As such,  she is a woman who is not afraid of the dark, rather she finds peace and a sense of home in the places where most people feel discomfort and aversion. Michelle is highly attuned to the subtle realms and finds deep peace and clarity in the serenity of nature. As someone who identifies as an eco-sensual, Earth and all of her creatures are the ones who bring Michelle a deep sense of inner fulfillment and ecstasy. 

Within our team, Michelle is our Heart Keeper, intuitive healer, and keeps us focused on what matters most. She facilitates our group therapeutic process spaces, works one-on-one with those seeking guidance, and listens deeply to the needs of others.


Michelle has endured the trials of emotionally and physically abusive relationships. Through the initiation of her relationships, she began to see the fragmented pieces of her familial patterns being repeated through her life unconsciously as if she was living out the same themes of every generation before her. The mirror of all the stories, behaviors, dynamics, and emotional tides of her own existence was not hers but imprinted within her as if they were.  That is why she has committed her life to the path of healing and supporting others to work through the unconscious layers of intergenerational trauma that hold them back from actualizing their full potential.

Michelle Rozek


Co-founder & Heart Keeper


Jessica Cudney


Co-founder & Space Tender


In essence, Jess is a beam of light who inspires and activates the hearts of people through her words and actions. She is expressive, playful, and radiates the beauty that is inherent everywhere. Jess is a catalyst for transformation, challenging and inviting the clinging identities that divide and harm us by showing up with loving and impactful action. She is a powerful communicator, writer, ideator, and heart generator, which she chooses to direct toward serving the healing of the planet. Her relationships are central to her, and she is surrounded by many long-lasting friendships. She loves sharing and exploring the growth edges of all her relationships. 


On behalf of our team, Jess is our Space Tender both on and offline paying close attention to creating an aesthetic of warmth, connection, and beauty in all spheres of the work. She is our content developer, graphic designer, and program facilitator. She comes from a social justice and peace background and is devoted to the lifelong journey of unlearning and healing the internalized systems of oppression held within her body. She is a helper at heart, a visionary, and a trailblazer. 


In the blissful mundane of everyday life, Jess loves gathering all her friends together to share and co-create intentional, meaningful experiences. She thrives and nurtures her core by dancing, writing, crafting, and spending time in nature. She is inspired every day by the magic and beauty of earth and delights in capturing the essence of Earth through nature photography. 

Lily Heaton

Scribe & Story Keeper

Lily embodies the essence of a mountain: constancy, equanimity, stability, and order, yet she is also fiery and fierce in her convictions. Lily’s flame ignites when she witnesses the injustices and lack of integrity within our political systems. She is a powerful force through her intellect and integrity, and she will not stand down in the face of dominance. She harnesses her righteous anger into passion by creating space to educate, amplify, build skills and support the needs of people.


On behalf of our team, Lily is our Scribe & Story Keeper - she weaves all of the threads of this unfolding work together. She sees through the logistics, gets things down to the practical, and can narrow any complex idea into its simplest form. She is our wordsmith, resource guide, content editor, and software queen. She plans gatherings, retreats, and rituals for our team. Her preference is to lead from behind the scenes where she can quietly observe and yet make movement happen all at once. 

More than anything, Lily is devoted to serving her family and friends and the people she holds in her heart. She spends most of her time making gifts, creating rituals, planning hangouts, researching, and reading for others. Every breath is in service to her relationships. Lily embodies the most ideal, loyal, and committed friend anyone could ever know. When you are in her presence, you feel as though a warm blanket has been placed over your shoulders as she holds a space for you to be whomever you are in the moment.