working at the confluence of eco-therapy, eco-somatics, and eco-spiritualityworking at the confluence of eco-therapy, eco-somatics, and eco-spirituality

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Our efforts are focused on healing the wound of separation by tending our relational bonds / ecological roots and by working towards an ecology of connection and care.
We do this by providing trauma-informed Holistic Healing and Community Care Services rooted in body-centered and nature-based healing modalities designed with the intention to:
- nourish our belonging within an interwoven, complex, life-sustaining web of relationships.
- deepen intimacy with the wisdom of our body/lands.
-  queer notions of love to include our more-than-human relatives.
- strengthen our connection to the places that nurture us.
- enliven the collective spirit toward rhythmic resonance.
- liberate life energy toward mutual thriving.



Belonging is the journey of remembering your way HOME and for us that means coming back into rhythm with your own nature through bodyful presence in relationship to earth and the spirit of life. 


We come from the perspective that belonging is your birthright and is nature’s intelligence awakened from within.

We facilitate and promote this "awakening" by supporting you to strengthen relational practices (somatic, animist, place-based) that re-integrate fragmented aspects of self back into the wholeness of your ecological landscape/body.


This involves the necessity of slowing down, listening, and re-connecting to the wild, erotic power of being fully awake and alive and supports you to creatively respond and adapt to life changes and challenges.


We believe that what ails humanity at this time is a disconnection from our own bodies (mind/body split) and from the greater body of our living earth (spirit/matter split) - the source of our spiritual sustenance and aliveness.


Separation from and domination over nature/body is a core wound stored within the collective soma of humanity. It expresses trauma in myriad ways as it alienates and cuts us off from the intelligence of our ecological nervous system and relational resilience.

We believe that earth is calling to humanity through the collective discomfort & cultural crises of these times and is asking each of us to rise and reclaim our purpose in service to planetary healing.


This means interrogating the oppressive systems that bolster racial capitalism - systems established through genocide, indigenous land theft, colonialism, slavery, exploitation, extraction and war; reorienting our understanding of the world; and transforming ourselves by reclaiming our ecological purpose, place and belonging within the web of all relations. 

Leaves Shadow

1:1 Holistic Healing sessions include personalized retreats and opportunities for group support where we explore inherited and/or conditioned trauma patterns that show up in the microcosm of our bodies and that play out through the dynamic of our relationships. This realm of the work focuses on strengthening one’s relationship to Self/Source and returning to the wisdom of the body as a necessary expression of the whole.


Ecological intelligence teaches us that our body is a living ecosystem which allows us to approach "healing" with more nuance and care. From a systems perspective it also implies that we each play an important role within the health of  the larger communal ecosystem and this has a direct impact on our personal health and wellbeing.


1:1 Holistic Healing is a personal wellness offering that centers practices of body-based wisdom, self-love, personal empowerment, compassion and curiosity, and creating new embodied patterns and pathways toward expansion.

Image by Levi XU


Eco-Spirituality offerings hold the intention of weaving the relational and spiritual fabric of community on the foundations of somatic, animist and place-based remembrance. Our in-person and online rituals invite you into cyclical ways of knowing. Together we explore our relationship to the Great Mystery and lean into the unknown with humility, reverence, care and curiosity.


Ecological intelligence teaches us that life is relational. The quality of our relationships is ultimately informed by the spiritual understanding and embodiment of interbeing and the enactment of our unique responsibilities in relation to interdependence. 


Eco-Spirituality offerings provide a space for spiritual cultivation, authentic connection, deep listening, creative expression, spontaneity, emergence, and collaboration. 

Image by Ileana Skakun

Our Eco-Therapy offerings are opportunities to attune your nervous system to the co-regulating body of the living earth and to deepen intimacy with our more-than-human relatives. Through place-conscious education, eco-somatic and earth bonding connection practices, we are learning to expand our felt sense of self to include the landscapes and ecosystems in which we are enfolded. 


Ecological intelligence unsettles notions of individualism and binary thinking which serve to uphold systems of oppression, domination and supremacy that desensitize us from our bodies and from the greater body of earth. Through Eco-Therapy events we have the opportunity to re-orient our understanding of the world  by rooting into specific place-based, cultural, and relational contexts. 


Eco-Therapy is a community wellness offering that awakens empathy, interbeing (Thich Nhat Hanh), whole systems thinking, imagination, sensual aliveness and embodied knowing. 



Cyclical Living

All of life is a sacred dance between the polarities of life & death, light & dark, expansion & contraction, giving & receiving, movement & stillness. We honor the wisdom of Earth's cycles.

Ancestral Reverence

We honor the realm of the unseen and  remember our beloved dead. We root into where we come from and strive to live in a good way by learning from those who have come before  us.

Beauty Making

Beauty is the Spirit of Life revealed to us through nature. Communing with nature awakens the soul, inspires us to live reverently, and compels us toward poetic embodiment.

Queer Entanglement

We practice interrelating by expanding our felt sense of self to include the wider ecological web of relationships and queer notions of love to include our more-than-human relatives. 

Indigenous Solidarity

Loving earth means carrying the sacred responsibility of accountability, uplifting the voices of Indigenous people and being in shared struggle towards collective liberation. 

Right Relationship

Right relationship arises when we see ourselves as belonging to a place to whom we are accountable. We become that place and thus responsive to the needs of our mutual thriving.

Creative Reciprocity

We ground our care in the context of interdependence. We offer our creative expressions generously in service to life. We acknowledge and receive gifts with humility and give back in return. 

The Art of Listening

We create space in our lives to slow down, lean back, and touch into the heart of silence which allows us to listen for the voice of Earth speaking in and through us.

Play as Prayer

Play opens the heart toward connection and joy. It is a pathway toward communion and fosters innovative forms of exploration in relationship to the spirit of life.


- loving and protecting Earth and the welfare of all beings

- living mindfully with awareness of our responsibility to defend what is sacred

- drawing strength and guidance from the living Earth, the ancestors and future generations

- pursuing a daily practice that clarifies the mind, strengthens the heart and supports us to embody our prayers and observe these commitments.

Frozen Lake

Born in the Piedmont South, Way Of Belonging is home to the Cape Fear River Basin and is shaped by and responsive to the socio-cultural-ecological landscape in which it grows. 

Relationship with Land is at the heart of our work
& this Land is Indigenous Land

Way Of Belonging is currently led by queer, white settlers and are offering this work from the occupied ancestral territories of the Catawba, Eno, Shakori, Tutelo, Sissipahaw, Occaneechi and Saponi Nations, and specifically within the Cape Fear River Watershed of NC.  


We approach our nature-based healing work with the understanding that loving earth and each other means carrying the sacred responsibility to understand the present day impacts of our shared history on the lands that we call home.


We recognize that our being here is inextricably linked to the oppression and attempted erasure of Indigenous peoples as well as the horrific legacy of slavery. The processes by which our ancestors came to reside on Turtle Island are steeped in injustice and harm. A commitment to our Community Care Practices is one way that we humbly attempt to account for, understand, and repair some of that harm in ways that go beyond apology or an acknowledgement on a website.

We see it as part of our work to learn what it means to be in right relationship, to live in alignment with our deepest held visions, to understand our unique roles in relationship to place, to enact our responsibilities as settler-occupiers on Indigenous lands, and to cultivate authentic relationships of solidarity and shared struggle towards collective liberation.  


We are rooted in a commitment to the ongoing work of unsettling whiteness and the ideologies of domination and supremacy that uphold it;  dismantling both internalized and systemic manifestations of colonial capitalist violence; and building toward radical visions of the future rooted in collective liberation.

With that being said, our offerings are not spaces for spiritual by-passing or escapism. We seek to ground our spiritual work in the realities of our living world,  much of which requires our willingness to get uncomfortable and to create space for the holy shadow - those things that have long been denied and dismissed -  to teach and guide us


Michelle Rozek

Co-founder &

Holistic Therapist


Michelle Rozek is a queer Mind-Body-Spirit healer, somatic experiencing practitioner, eco-therapy guide, shadow worker, energy healer, and clairsentient.

As a highly sensitive, introverted intuitive Michelle is attuned to the subtle realms and finds deep peace and clarity in the serenity of nature where she spends much of her time when she's not serving her clients. She is the calm in the center of the storm and the pearl of her essence is stillness. For this reason she requires plenty of space to nurture presence and to commune with the quiet, hidden aspects of life. As such,  she is not afraid of the dark, rather she feels at home in the places where most people feel discomfort and aversion. 

Michelle's soul's purpose is to serve earth's evolution by supporting others on their healing journey. Gifted with the multi-sensory perception of clairsentience - the ability to feel hidden, energetic and emotional subtleties - allows Michelle to see what is often invisible to most.  She also carries the ability to recognize fractal geometric patterns playing out in human behavioral and relational dynamics. 


In the in-betweens of everyday life, you can find Michelle wandering in the woods communing with the trees, foraging edible plants and mushrooms, sitting in stillness, working on landscape projects, studying a topic of interest, or sharing a deeply meaningful conversation with a friend. As an eco-sensual she is inspired every day by the way earth moves and nurtres her soul. 

Jessica Cudney

Co-founder &

Transformational Coach



Jessica Cudney is a queer environmental justice organizer, experienced group facilitator, and MindBody Therapy Practitioner with 15 years of community building experience. She received her BA in Political Science and Social Justice and Peace Studies at the University of Western in London, Ontario. 


Jessica is a member of the NC Alamance NAACP Chapter and sits on the Environmental Justice Committee. She is an active organizer with local Indigenous-led efforts (7 Directions of Service) to protect our communities, Land, and Waters from the threat of fossil fuel industrial expansion, specifically the Mountain Valley Pipeline.


As a trauma-informed MindBody Therapy Practitioner, Jessica holds the importance of body-centered transformation as central to healing and justice. Through her personal practice, Jessica seeks to support folks in creating a life of meaning and purpose; aligning daily practice with deepest held values; making necessary lifestyle shifts that make room for more aliveness and presence; and unlearning conditioned/colonized ways of being that get in the way of thriving. Grounded in social justice values, Jessica challenges and supports clients to take an honest look at themselves, while deepening their capacity to hold themselves and others in loving regard.


In the blissful mundane of everyday life, Jess loves gathering all her friends together to share and co-create intentional, meaningful experiences. She thrives and nurtures her core by dancing, writing, crafting, and spending time in nature. She is inspired every day by the magic and beauty of earth and delights in capturing the essence of Earth through nature photography.