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My name is Michelle Rozek (she/they)

I'm a queer Mind Body Spirit Healer, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner,

Mindfulness Nature Therapy Guide,

Shadow Worker,

Highly Sensitive Person 

and Clairsentient, which means that I have the ability to sense the subtle energies surrounding me.

I facilitate holistic healing and wellness through reconnection to Earth & body, regulation of the nervous system & releasing unprocessed trauma. I support individuals to listen to their body's wisdom, explore what remains unseen and wants to be seen, build nervous system capacity and live in greater alignment with their inner essence (Self).


Do you long for a deeper connection and sense of trust in yourself?

Do you want to experience more ease, presence, and balance in your life?

Are you ready to explore and heal the personal, intergenerational, and collective traumas held within your body?

Testimonial 2021

My therapeutic approach is deeply rooted in the belief that what ails humanity is the disembodiment from our own bodies and a deep separation from the greater body of our living Earth. From this perspective, I work with clients on all levels of being including the personal, relational, and planetary.

  • Trauma (personal, intergenerational, collective) 

  • Attachment wounds and re-parenting

  • Internal Family Systems (inner critics, protectors, polarized parts, wounded child, etc)


  • Relationship power dynamics and interpersonal communication

  • Intimacy & trust (rupture/repair process)

  • Healing wounds of humanity (rejection, shame, guilt, repression, denial, separation or abandonment) 

  • Emotional regulation 

  • Survival strategies and resourcing 

  • Climate anxiety, alienation, grief 

  • Ritual

  • Shadow work




  • You want to love yourself, cultivate somatic awareness and attune to your body’s changing needs and cues 

  • You want to raise awareness of your subconscious patterns

  • You seek to heal historical and intergenerational trauma patterns 

  • You desire to feel confident in your ability to set boundaries, carry self-compasssion, speak your truth, and embody liberating ways of being and relating

  • You are ready to listen, be curious of, and explore your interior landscape (parts, shadow states, etc) 

  • You are committed to expanding the evolutionary edge of your healing and growth journey

Landscape with Animals


Sessions are designed to provide a process-based space where you learn to acknowledge, track and center your body’s felt-sense, build somatic awareness, cultivate presence, learn self-regulation, and practice inner resourcing. I support individuals in listening to their

body’s wisdom and transforming their inner landscape by exploring personal narratives, memories, automatic responses, thought patterns, triggers, implicit biases, emotions, behaviors, habits, etc.


  • Guided meditations, somatic exercises, and practices for resourcing

  • Experiential, interactive, and body-based healing approaches 

  • Process-centered space that supports and empowers you to be with what is present in your current somatic experience 

  • Tools, skills, practices and new embodiments that facilitate awareness, attunement and regulation

  • Resources, articles, guides to support your integration 

  • Periodic therapeutic touch therapy 

  • Earth bonding, eco-regulation, and eco-healing experiences 

  • Be held, witnessed, heard, understood and empowered 


Typically I work with people for 60 minutes on a weekly basis, and with time, reduce our frequency to biweekly.  My personal goal is for you to become your own inner guide.


I offer both in-person (land-based) and virtual sessions based on location and personal preference



I offer free introductory consultations. These are about 30-minute video calls where we can discuss what brings you to therapy, the modalities and approaches I use, and discuss whether we want to work together. Studies have shown that the best predictor of success in therapy is having a good relationship with your therapist. Let's make sure I'm your person!

Rock Formations


Sessions are offered on a sliding scale

$125 - $175 USD


"If you have tried traditional therapy and felt that very little progress is being made you are at not alone. After a couple of years of traditional therapy I felt I was still stuck with the same symptoms that forced me to do therapy in the first place. I felt hopeless at times and feared that the demons that have been living in my head rent-free were going to become permanent residents. It was during one of my very low points that I decided to try something different and Michelle’s page showed up.


Michelle from the first session showed deep compassion and patience as I shared my troubles. We worked on strategies to overcome one issue at time and soothed my anxious nature by reminding me that all great things take time to get accomplished. I can honestly say that I feel ten times better now than when I started. I no longer spiral down in despair when I have an anxiety attack. Working with Michelle has boosted the confidence in myself. I cannot thank her enough."

- RB, 2024


I believe that we each long to feel deeply connected to the mysterious self within, to the shared coherence within our relational biospheres, and to the sensual, felt-experience of Earth. I believe that human separation from Earth is the root cause of our collective sense of alienation, disembodiment, anxiety, greed, mistrust, and related fears. 


I believe that your body is wise, that everything you need to thrive already exists within you, and that as nature, you carry the capacity to heal, grow, transform, and evolve. 

My purpose is to serve the healing of earth by supporting your healing journey. Through my therapeutic practice, I create a space for you to slow down, come into presence, listen to your body, attune to your inner nature, deepen somatic awareness, uncover unconscious patterns, digest unprocessed trauma,  cultivate compassion for your humanity, and heal the wounded aspects of self.


I am gifted with multi-sensory perceptions including, clairsentience - the ability to feel hidden, energetic subtleties - which allows me to see what is often invisible to most.  I also carry the ability to recognize fractal geometric patterns playing out in human behavior and relationships. Finally, as a shadow worker, I am able to gently guide, support and walk with you into your shadow holding the most sacred space for you to meet the parts of yourself that you fear the most.



My main fields of influence include:  Ecotherapy, Human  Energy System, Somatics, Bioregionalism, Whole Systems Theory, Ecofeminism, Epigenetics, Fractal Quantum Physics, Biomimicy, Ecopsychology, Eco-Spirituality.



Like many of you, I grew up with parents who were bonded by their trauma. This created a home charged with emotional outbursts, dynamics of favoritism, food and alcohol addictions, screaming or silent treatments as forms of punishment, fear as a way to control, and a reactive, unpredictable, “walking on egg shells” kind of environment. I would wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of breaking glass, rageful threats and the bracing of everything inside of me. I would hesitantly come out in the morning to a mother collapsed by her own tears and a sense of helplessness.    As a young child, I learned that safety wasn’t found inside the walls of my home, rather I found it outside tucked in the forest, curled up in the flower field, or resting down by the river. It was in these places when everything fell quiet and no one could find me that I felt safe. It was in the arms of Earth.    Earth held me, listened to me, gifted me, and showed me how to play, relax, find comfort and get good night rests. Earth became my guardian, protector and my best friend. Earth embraced all of me.    Later I would forget the child who belonged to earth. As I grew up, like many of us do, I desperately tried to find my safe place in the human-centric society. I was immersed in environments consumed by pressure, stress, scarcity, performance and proving. These environments mirrored my upbringing. I was walking, breathing and living out inherited intergenerational trauma patterns.    After a series of initiations, committing to living aligned to my values, and a breaking open of my heart, I felt the call of my inner child to return home, to earth.    So I returned; and discovered not only the little girl who carried a love for earth along with the wounds of being human, but I found myself. Earth showed and continues to show me how to heal and see myself with compassion, how to lovingly re-parent myself, how to be with the unknown and surrender to change, how to love and be loved, how to play and express myself authentically, how to move in rhythms that honor my body, how to be with discomfort, how to celebrate growth, how to listen, and how to be a wild, spiritual, queer, embodied and empowered human-being.    Everyday, earth teaches me. I am an earth student, devotee, healer, guide and friend committed to bringing YOU back to your place of belonging - to earth and to yourself.



Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing is a healing modality that orients towards bottom-up and top-down processing. Somatics centers the story of the body and through a slow process called titration, somatics experiencing pendulates between the trauma vortex and the counter vortex to create a healing vortex. It supports clients to build capacity for sensation, listen to their felt-sense and begin to digest the unprocessed trauma that might be stored within the tissues and cells of your body through incomplete defense strategies. It is rooted in the work of Peter Levine, who studied and observed how animals in the wild experience threats everyday, yet are not traumatized. He discovered a process of discharge and a completion of self-protective responses that happens as animals move from safety to threat and back to safety. 


By participating in my holistic therapy sessions, you acknowledge that I am not a licensed psychologist, medical doctor, or health care professional and my services do not replace the care of psychologists, doctors or other healthcare professionals. Holistic Therapy is in no way to be construed or substituted as psychological counseling, psychotherapy, mental health counseling, or any other type of psychotherapy or medical advice.

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