My name is Michelle Rozek...

I'm a MindBody Therapy Practitioner,

Mindfulness Eco-Therapy Guide,

Shadow Worker,

Intuitive Energy Healer,

and Clairsentient, which means that I have the ability to sense the subtle energies surrounding me.

I facilitate holistic healing and wellness through reconnection to Earth & integrative healing therapies. I support individuals to listen to their body's wisdom, explore and unveil what remains hidden, and live in greater alignment with their true desires.

Do you long for a deeper connection and sense of trust in yourself?

Do you want to experience more ease, presence, and balance in your life?

Are you ready to explore and heal the personal, intergenerational, and collective traumas held within your body?

My therapeutic approach is deeply rooted in the belief that what ails humanity is the disembodiment from our own bodies and a deep separation from the greater body of our living Earth. From this perspective, I work with clients on all levels of being including the personal, relational, and planetary.

  • Multi-layered Trauma (personal, intergenerational, collective) 

  • Attachment wounds and re-parenting

  • Parts-based work (inner critics, protectors, polarized parts, wounded child, etc)


  • Relationship challenges​ & power dynamics

  • Intimacy & trust (rupture/repair process)

  • Healing archetypal wounds (rejection, shame, guilt, repression, denial, separation or abandonment) 

  • Nervous system dysregulation and regulation 

  • Survival responses and resourcing 

  • Repeated themes and Re-patterning 

  • Eco-anxiety, alienation, grief 

  • Incorporating healing rituals into your daily life




¤ Heal the inherited traumas embedded within your body

¤ Feel settled, attuned, & connected to your felt experience

¤ Honor your authentic needs & claim your inherent worth

¤ Open your heart to love and trust in your whole self

¤ Embody your ideal version of self & become your own inner guide


  • You want to cultivate somatic awareness and attune to your body’s changing needs and cues 

  • You want to raise awareness of your subconscious patterns

  • You seek to heal historical and intergenerational trauma-based patterns 

  • You desire to feel confident in your ability to set boundaries, speak your truth, and embody liberating ways of being and relating

  • You are ready to listen, be curious of, and explore your interior landscape (parts, shadow states, etc) 

  • You are committed to expanding the evolutionary edge of your healing and growth journey

Landscape with Animals


Sessions are designed to provide a process-based space where you learn to acknowledge, track and center your body’s felt-sense, build somatic awareness, cultivate presence, learn self-regulation, and practice inner resourcing. I support individuals in listening to their

body’s wisdom and transforming their inner landscape by exploring personal narratives, memories, automatic responses, thought patterns, triggers, implicit biases, emotions, behaviors, habits, etc.


  • Guided meditations, somatic exercises, and practices for resourcing

  • Experiential, interactive, and body-based healing approaches 

  • Process-centered space that supports and empowers you to be with what is present in your current somatic experience 

  • Tools, skills, practices and new embodiments that facilitate awareness, attunement and regulation

  • Resources, articles, guides to support your integration 

  • Periodic therapeutic touch therapy 

  • Earth bonding, eco-regulation, and eco-healing experiences 

  • Be held, witnessed, heard, understood and empowered 


Typically I work with people for 90 minutes on a weekly basis for about 3-4 months, and then reduce our frequency to biweekly.  My personal goal is for you to become your own inner guide.


We oscillate from meeting outdoors in nature to virtual on zoom.  Due to covid, I’ve been meeting mostly on zoom. 



I offer free introductory consultations. These are about 30-minute video calls where we can discuss what brings you to therapy, the modalities and approaches I use, and discuss whether we want to work together. Studies have shown that the best predictor of success in therapy is having a good relationship with your therapist. Let's make sure I'm your person!

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Sessions are offered on a sliding scale.





I believe that we each long to feel deeply connected to the mysterious self within, to the shared coherence within our relational biospheres, and to the sensual, felt-experience of Earth. I believe that human separation from Earth is the root cause of our collective sense of alienation, disembodiment, anxiety, greed, mistrust, and related fears. 


I believe that your body is wise, that everything you need to thrive already exists within you, and that as nature, you carry the capacity to heal, grow, transform, and evolve. 

My purpose is to serve the healing of Earth by supporting your healing journey. Through my therapeutic practice, I create a space for you to slow down, come into presence, listen to your body, attune to your inner nature, deepen somatic awareness, uncover unconscious patterns, digest unprocessed trauma,  cultivate compassion for your humanity, and heal the wounded aspects of self.


I am gifted with multisensory perceptions including, clairsentience - the ability to feel hidden, energetic subtlies - which allows me to see what is often invisible to most.  I also carry the ability to recognize fractal geometric patterns playing out in human behavior and relationships. Finally, as a shadow worker, I am able to gently guide, support and walk with you into your shadow holding the most sacred space for you to meet the parts of yourself that you fear the most.


My main fields of influence include:  Ecotherapy, Human  Energy System, Somatics, Bioregionalism, Whole Systems Theory, Ecofeminism, Epigenetics, Fractal Quantum Physics, Biomimicy, Ecopsychology, Eco-Spirituality.




Eco-Therapy is a holistic healing modality that maintains that tending our connection with the more-than-human world is necessary for thriving. Informed by Systems Theory, this modality honors the fact that we are intimately embedded within and inseparable from Earth. Eco-Therapy recognizes that our identity formation is influenced at a deep somatic level by our early experiences in nature, by our parents' ways of relating with nature, and by our culture’s narrative of the natural world.  


Through a process we call Earth Bonding, we begin to recalibrate our inner system by attuning to Earth, cultivating co-regulation practices with Earth, and forming a secure attachment to ourselves through Earth. Through education, practices, and being with Earth,  we stimulate the healing of the mind-body-spirit relationship. 



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