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Leaves Shadow


Our three day, two night Eco-Somatic Weekend Retreats are IN-PERSON immersive, healing experiences customized for individuals. They combine a diverse range of trauma-informed, body-centered and nature-based healing modalities. They are designed to support new somatic and ecological networks of thinking, feeling, sensing and relating. 

weekend dates are chosen together based on season



+  5 Holistic Therapy Sessions with Michelle

(1 prep session, 3 during the retreat, 1 integration session)

+  Meals (2-3 light, wholesome meals & snacks)

+  Touch Therapy Session(s)

+  Guided ritual crafting & intention setting

+  Eco-therapy experiences

+  Somatic-based exercises

+  Creative movement, art making & play

+  Education, tools, techniques & practices for healing & integration

+ Custom-made memory book

Dry Clay


  • Techniques and approaches to engage and deepen intimacy with self and earth.

  • Nature based centering practices that foster nervous system regulation, aliveness and bodyful presence.

  • Embodiment practices that awaken sensual perception and stimulate new felt-experiences within your body while being with the earth body.

  • An immersive natural setting that fosters safety and belonging.

  • Creative opportunities to reignite a relationship with your primal self.

  • Eco-therapy exercises to restore your internal rhythms toward a natural state of being. 

  • Integrative somatic practices and regulatory exercises to take home with you.

Leaves Shadow



“After attending an eco-somatic retreat by Way of Belonging I’ve been ruminating over my time and all the changes that have taken place in my head and heart. I have felt a deeper sense of connection to myself and the ability to be more present in my life. I have felt grief over that which is shedding away while new roots of hope take their place. Since I’ve been back home my body has been awakened to the sound of my own heart beating; feeling my sense of self taking up space and holding weight on this earth. It has felt miraculous to pause and view the ever flowing changes happening within myself. I now experience a new and tangible sense of peace, something I haven’t felt in a long time As a highly sensitive person, I’ve often felt misunderstood. Through Michelle’s intuitive and unique approach, she innately led me back to myself while bringing awareness and insight to every session. Michelle breaks down cultural and societal norms that are outdated while bringing balance and understanding to the table. I walked away from every session with a greater sense of self and body. I appreciated the use of different modalities as we addressed my trauma by listening to our bodies, and connecting with the earth in ways that helped facilitate healing. My experience with Way of Belonging has been pivotal in my journey of healing. They are caring and kind humans that pour their heart into every detail. It’s evident in the tender loving care they express throughout each interaction. I felt nurtured and heard during our time together; they truly felt like family. I’m incredibly thankful to these two amazing women for this life changing experience and the gifts my heart has received.” - Bethany, 2022

“Recently, I had the opportunity to spend time in a solo healing retreat with Michelle and Jess from Way of Belonging. It was a truly transformative experience. I felt cocooned in a space that nourished my connection to self by connecting with the earth and others. The time was filled with moments for connection, reflection, creativity and play. Each aspect contributed to a greater sense of well being and embodiment. I left feeling that I had been offered mortar to solidify the bricks of healing that I have accumulated on my life long journey back to a whole embodied self. I am forever changed and grateful.” - Julie, 2022


"The personalized retreat with Michelle and Jess was the greatest gift I could give to myself. Our weekend experience together was invaluable and unforgettable. To feel such ease, not only with them, but also with myself. I felt so supported in my sessions with Michelle, in our curious exploration of Bald Head Island, in the meals that were prepared, and every moment in between. I was able to gain such clarity and have the peace and knowing  to make immediate shifts I wanted in my life.  I am forever grateful for Michelle’s guidance through my layers of trauma, unlearning what is not mine, and coming home to myself. The greatest gift." - Summer, 2023

SLIDING SCALE: $1250-1750










Dry Clay


Each retreat is crafted specifically for YOU. We begin by creating an intention for your healing experience and end with an outline of personal exercises, embodiment practices, and somatic shifts that will heal your trauma, restore nervous system regulation and guide your integration. 

  • Arriving & Settling

  • Orientation / Nature Connection

  • Eco-Spiritual Altar & Ritual

  • Dinner

  • Eco-Somatic Session

  • Evening Settling Practice

  • Morning Eco-Spiritual Practice

  • Eco-Somatic/Integration Session

  • Breakfast
  • Closing Eco-Spiritual Ritual

  • Departure 

  • Morning Eco-Spiritual Practice

  • Nature Connection 

  • Breakfast

  • Eco-Somatic Session

  • Healing Touch

  • Solo Integration Tim

  • Lunch

  • Primal Play

  • Movement Exploration

  • Dinner 

  • Eco-Therapy Experience

  • Evening Settling Practice




SLIDING SCALE: $1250-$1750


Hello, my name is Michelle Rozek and it’s my great honor to support your on your journey of empowerment and becoming.

As an eco-somatic practitioner, mind-body-spirit healer, eco-therapy guide and shadow worker, I facilitate holistic healing and wellness through reconnection to earth and integrative healing therapies. I support you to listen to your body's wisdom, explore and unveil what remains hidden, and live in greater alignment with your authentic desires.

My therapeutic approach is deeply rooted in the belief that what ails humanity is the disembodiment from our own bodies and a deep separation from the greater body of our living earth. From this perspective, I work with clients on all levels of being including the personal, relational, and planetary.

Together with my beloved partner Jessica, I am the co-creator of Way Of Belonging, an online platform dedicated to supporting people to embody nature's wisdom and become warriors of the heart for a new earth. I also co-host online courses and in-person events.

Leaves Shadow

Give yourself the gift of space & time to  be nurtured by nature.

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