“The rebirth of Earth religion is a part of a broad movement that challenges domination - that seeks to connect with the root, the heart, the source of life by changing our present relationships."

― Starhawk

Forest Temple is an intimate gathering held within the context of the natural world where we seek to grow  Earth culture. We are being called to mend our estrangement from the web of life, to remember our belongingness to land, and to allow space in our lives to be re-enchanted by the song of Earth. 

Forest Temple gatherings take place within the occupied traditional territories of the Eno, Shakori, Sissippahaw and Occaneechi Peoples, and specifically within the Eno River Watershed (Triangle area) of NC.   We come together to honor our sacred longing to belong on stolen land and recognize that our being here is inextricably linked to the oppression and attempted erasure of Native peoples. Thus it is part of our work to unlearn and unsettle ourselves,  to be relationally accountable to the land, to understand our unique role(s) and responsibilities in relationship to place, to honor Indigenous self-determination and to cultivate authentic relationships of solidarity and shared struggle towards collective liberation.


With that being said, Forest Temple is not a space for spiritual by-passing or escapism. We seek to ground our spiritual work in the realities of our living world,  much of which requires our willingness to get uncomfortable and to create space for the holy shadow - those things that have long been denied and dismissed -  to teach and guide us. Forest Temple is a relational and ecological embodiment practice space for those who are working toward enacting new expressions of culture, embodiments and ways of being that ask each of us to bring forth our gifts and to offer up ourselves. This is not about performance nor will it ever be a striving for perfection. This is raw co-creation. 


Forest Temple gatherings take place on the first and third Sunday's of the month.



Our gatherings weave together nature-connection practices; ritual & play; eco-craft-making; music, song & dance; land tending & stewardship; gardening & wild foraging; ancestral animism; and seasonal celebrations. The nature of how we gather is ever-evolving and follows the changing tides of the seasons. So we learn to pay attention to the way that Earth speaks to us, sings to us, whispers to us. We are guided by Earth wisdom as we deepen our relationship to Her, so everything we do is centered around cultivating this bond. 



Bring your songs and your voice, your percussion instruments and sound-makers! We come together regardless of the weather unless it is unsafe to do so. We ask that you dress for the weather, bring your own blanket or folding chair, walking stick and water. If you are joining for a shared meal, please bring your own bowl, utensils and mug. We model ecological consciousness in all of our gatherings.


Out of respect for one another, we ask that all attendees come prepared to wear masks and to honor social distancing guidelines. 

All are welcome and respected at Forest Temple gatherings. We strive to be diverse, intergenerational and accessible people of all walks of life. We to all. Please contact us when you'll be attending with children or when accessibility is a concern so that we can be as accommodating as possible. 



Location: Piedmont area, NC in select locations 

Sunday, Jan. 3rd  |  3-5pm

Theme: Connection |  Location:TBD

Sunday, Jan. 17th  |  3-5pm

A vegetarian meal will be provided. Please bring your own utensils and mug.

Sunday, Feb. 7th  |  3-5pm

Theme: Awakening  |  Location: TBD

“Speak to Earth with all your heart. Speak with the cells of your being, pull light through you, and say to Earth, ‘It is my intention and my pleasure to experience you to the fullest of my capacity in this lifetime. I am asking you, great Earth, to help and assist me in locating a place of comfort, joy, safety, and adventure - a place where I can come to know myself and to know you as home.’”

― Barbara Marciniak



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