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Close up shot & birds eye view of a simple nature altar set up in a grassy area. Elements include two intricate wavy branches that form a circle and inside are stones, lichen, a flower and a pine cone.



Leaves Shadow

 Forest Temple is a cultural co-creation space celebrating the human-earth-spirit connection. We host in-person seasonal celebrations and facilitate experiences that awaken interbeing and deepen our reverence for the natural world.


Through relational and ecological embodiment practices and honoring cycles of life, death and the eternal now, we explore how we are being shaped by place. The nature of how we gather is ever-evolving and follows the changing tides of the seasons. Together we practice paying attention to the way earth speaks, sings and whispers to and through us. Guided by earth wisdom and the longing to deepen our relationship to land, everything we do is centered around cultivating our bond with the natural world.



Cultivating kinship with our bioregional landscape

This is where we practice listening and paying attention to the way spirit of place speaks, sings, and whispers through us by weaving together nature-connection practices; reflection, contemplation, prayer; folk craft-making; music, song, movement and so much more!