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How to Make a Protection Charm

Learn how to make a protection charm as a gift of protection for those who need it in this time of instability and uncertainty.

Small glass bottle filled with medicine herbs and precious stones, sitting on rock outside surrounded by autumn leaves

As we make our way toward a historical, unprecedented US election, we simultaneously make our way toward Samhain (pronounced Sow-win), otherwise known as the Celtic New Year.

It’s the time of year when nature cycles into the darkness and when we pray for strength, guidance and protection. Now is the time to contemplate the environment we find ourselves in and to reflect upon our responsibilities - relationally, socially and ecologically. Within our current political landscape, we stand in the trenches between polarized energies of the conscious and the unconscious. Thus it is important for each of us to discern between these forces at work in our own personal lives and the world at large.

In preparation for what lies ahead we must resource ourselves, attune to our inner wisdom and invoke the presence of loving forces here to support and protect us against corruption. Below we offer a template for creating your own protection charm in a bottle. This charm is informed by a Celtic spiritual orientation, was specifically designed with the empath in mind and is charged with the purpose for Energetic Protection and Purification.

How to Make Your Own Protection Charm

This template is here to serve as inspiration for the creation of your own protection charm. The power of your charm will be determined by the energy and quality of connection you put into its creation as well as how and from where you source the contents. We encourage you to imbue your charm with elements that have personal meaning and cultural relevance to your lineage.


To create a charm with protective forces that can be held with you while you engage in worldly affairs and interactions that may be draining, energetically intrusive or corrupt. This bottle holds an auric boundary around the person who engages and holds it. You can place it in the sun so that it absorbs the light and energy to recharge it.


The following is a list of ingredients for your protection charm. You can make this charm using any combination of the ingredients and in no particular order. By no means do you need to include them all. These are just suggestions. This is an activity that you want to engage in intuitively, whether you're making it for yourself and for another person. Take some time to sense what elements/ingredients are calling to you. There is no "RIGHT" or "WRONG" way to do this... just have fun and enjoy the process.


  • Salt: protection and purity

  • Basil: protection against negativity and strength

  • Coffee: dispels negative energy

  • Chamomile: soothing

  • Lavender: soothing, calming


  • Amethyst: protection and growing, intuition and healing

  • Tigers eye: protection against psychic attacks

  • Onyx: absorbs negative energy

  • Quartz: amplifies all

  • Garnet: protection, specifically for empaths


  • Black wax: absorbs negativity

  • Egg shells: protects and purifies; helps block non-corporeal beings from a physical space

*We encourage you to source as much of your ingredients locally and sustainably as possible. Resort to online (and especially Amazon) purchasing only if you've exhausted all other avenues. Get creative and thrifty. For example, grow your own chamomile and lavender, pick up some Basil at your local farmers market, and ethically forage for quartz if they occur naturally in your area (being respectful of and consensual with the land)

Here are some helpful resources to get you started:

*Want to add a resource to this list? Leave a comment below!

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