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How to Bless a House: 5 Simple Steps

My partner and I moved to a new house recently. Walking around in our new space, we felt a sense of dullness, tension, and exhaustion. You know the expression, if these walls could talk? Well, these walls were tired, cranky, and not excited for new residents.

We do so much living in a house. A house holds more than our stuff; It holds our laughter and our tears, our joys and our struggles, our messy days and our long nights. The energy of all this living gets left behind when a space is vacated, and we often overlook clearing it out while we’re polishing and cleaning all the surfaces.

As my partner and I moved into this new space, we wanted to begin by clearing out all the stagnant energy, sweeping out the old and filling the space with all the hopes and dreams we have for this next chapter of our life. We decided a house blessing ritual was just the thing we needed.

Whether you have moved into a new house, you’re entering into a new chapter in your life, or you’re simply wanting to clear energy, you can set a new vibe for your space with these options for creating your own house blessing ritual.

What is a house blessing?

A house blessing is an intentional and symbolic act with or without spoken words for the purpose of healing, clearing and connecting to your space in a new way. You can choose to bless your space in any way that feels good to you.

How to begin?

Before you begin, you may wish to learn about the history of the home. This would require time, research, and some digging around which is indeed an energy investment. For the purpose of this house blessing, it is not necessary for you to know your house history. It’s simply an invitation if you want to learn. If you are interested, here is a thorough guide on how to trace your home’s history.

The second consideration before you begin is to invite all the people in your home to participate if they want. You can also invite friends, family and other people to support your house blessing.

Finally, allow your creative, intuitive, playful self to emerge during this process. Below we offer you a guide, but there is no “right or wrong” way to do your house blessing. You have the power to make it unique to you.

STEP 1: Create a Centerpiece or Altar

There are many ways to engage with setting up your centerpiece or altar space, so open yourself up to any elements, objects, photos, candles that may “draw” to you. The purpose of this step is to create a container, a grounding space for the house to clear any energy that may emerge, and to also invoke the presence of healing and meaningful energy to you, such as love, clarity, connection, healing, etc. You can imagine each object playing a significant role and carrying a positive vibration. If it feels comfortable for you, invite the presence of loving ancestors and guides for support, protection and love.

Items to consider:

Special, meaningful objects:

  1. Rocks (Ideally, rocks that you find from the land that your house is built on, but not necessary.)

  2. Feathers

  3. Flowers

  4. Pictures

  5. Plants

  6. Crystals

  7. Nature pieces

  8. Artwork

Elemental Representation

  1. Fire: candles (at least two)

  2. Water: small bowl of water (ideally, from your home faucet)

  3. Air: incense, feathers

  4. Earth: rocks, crystal, acorns or other tree nut, etc


  1. Scarf or blanket for presentation

  2. Herb cleansing stick (to make your own, check out this blog.)

Directions for Creating the Altar:

  1. Locate Your Spot: If possible, locate your altar in the center or heart of the home. Lay down some sort of fabric as the foundation: a scarf, blanket, towel will do.

  2. Marking Directions: Next you’ll place the four elements (water, earth, air, fire) at the four directions: north, south, east, west. If you don’t know the directions, you can usually find a compass app on most smartphones.

    1. North: Fire

    2. South: Rock, crystal, acorn, etc.

    3. East: Air

    4. West: water.

    1. Meaningful objects: place any special objects that you bought at the cross points of your four directions in a circle.

    2. Centerpiece: place 3-6 special objects at the center that represent the different energies that you’re wanting to imbue your home with. For example we chose: a photo, our wedding rings, and a figure of the goddess.

    3. Create an atmosphere: Set the mood by selecting soothing, instrumental music and light a few candles before you begin your blessing. Leave at least one candle unlit. Choose a candle with a color and scent that is meaningful, has never been used, and will last for about a week. This candle will be used for step 4: setting intentions.

STEP 2: Acknowledge the past

We encourage you to begin your house blessing by first recognizing that your home has been touched by many different bodies, or different chapters in your own life. It carries memories and the imprints of what has come before. Some of that may be pleasant and some may be unpleasant. We will outline two ways (1 with historical documents and 1 without) that you can honor that past, by naming it and then ask your home to release it.

1. With Historical Documents: if you took the time to trace your home's history, you will want to bring any information, documentation that really stood out to you. Begin to vocalize what you learned about your home and what memories it carries from the past. Be as specific as possible with the details you have. At the end, I encourage you to make a statement such as the following sample:

“Dear home, I see that you have lived for ____# of years, and during that time you have held space for many people, (if relevant many chapters of my life), and I recognize that some of these memories (if known, you can name the memories) may have been painful, dishonoring and have left unpleasant residual energy. I invite you to release the painful stories of the past so that together we may create a new story together.”

When you’re finished with the historical acknowledgement, you can place these documents into the circle.

2. Without Historical Documents: In this case, you can include the past of the home by taking a small clipping of a plant nearby the house, or a tree, a small sample of soil nearby, or any object that represents an aspect of the past of the home. If it is a home you just purchased, you can also include anything that may have been left behind. Hold this aspect of the past in your hand and make a statement. Here's an example:

“Dear home, I see that you have lived for ____# of years, and during that time you have held space for many people, (if relevant many chapters of my life), and I recognize that some of these memories (if known, you can name the memories) may have been painful, dishonoring and have left unpleasant residual energy. I invite you to release the painful stories of the past so that together we may create a new story together.”

When you’re finished with your past acknowledgement statement, you can place this item into the circle.

STEP 3: Cleanse your home

This step is very important. It is the bridge between releasing the energy from the past and inviting new energies to emerge. When you cleanse a space, you’re performing an act of purification, and a ritual for repair and regeneration. Before you begin, the first thing to do is to open at least one window in each room of your home. This will allow any unwanted energy a way to leave your home. Next, we will offer a list of ideas that can facilitate purifying your space, and for this blessing, we encourage you to focus on smoking cleansing.

Smoke Cleansing

Smoke cleansing is the simplest method to energetically cleanse your home and involves the use of dried herb bundles. We deliberately discourage the use of white sage which is traditional to Native American cultures across Turtle Island. Unless you are Native American yourself or have permission to use such sacred medicines, we suggest the you take the time to explore your own cultural lineage folk practices. For example, the Celtic folk practice of smoke cleansing is called Saining. We want to be culturally appropriate so we encourage you to do some research, forage and dry your own herbs, or source your herbs from an ethical and ideally local shop.

Herbs for Smoke Cleansing:

  • Rosemary

  • Bay leaves

  • Lavender

  • Mugwort

  • Yarrow

  • Cedar branches

  • Pine

  • Eucalyptus wrapped in string.

Any combination of these herbs can be wrapped in string and hung to dry. If you don’t have access to an herb stick, I would recommend using three incense sticks.

Healing Prayer

Once you have your herb stick or incenses, begin with a cleansing poem or prayer such as the following:

“As I light this herb wand with the element of fire, I invite and invoke the cleansing, purifying, and healing energies to activate and express through this sacred smoke. Corner to corner, wall to wall, room to room may all negative, fearful energy that does not serve be released through this sacred smoke all throughout this home.”

Then light your herbs or incense and wave the smoke all throughout the house. Ask friends to help if they are with you. Start with the edges of each room and end on the center.

Physical Cleaning

One of the most purifying acts of service you can offer your home is cleaning it. It is a physical way of washing any past debris, and releasing and removing stuck energy. If you’re unable to clean it yourself, consider hiring a one time cleaning service to come in and clean it for you. Before physical cleaning takes place, share with your home your intention. It can be as simple as, “Today, may our home be purified of past residual pain and washed clean of any unwanted, negative energy.” If you want, you can even let the cleaning service know your intention for their time.


The walls of our home carry the most memory, yet they are typically the most neglected. It’s on the walls and floors where you’ll see the scratches, holes, and marks. The most impactful way to restore, refresh and cleanse a home is by painting it. This is also a great way for you to be in a relationship with your home as you choose how you want to express yourself.

STEP 4: Set intentions

Next, you’ll want to invite in new energy, and set intentions for how you’d like to be in your space in a new way.


First, take a moment to imagine your ideal life in this home. Imagine home projects, friends and family together, a safe space to return to each day. Imagine tending, creating and being in your home. Imagine the beauty, comfort and love in your home. Write down anything that comes to you from your visuals.

Write your intentions

Now place your imaginings and ideals into a statement that begins with “May...”

For example:

  1. “May the energy of love, play, beauty, and peace surround and fill my home.”

  2. “May I create, learn, and develop new skills by engaging in projects with my home.”

  3. “May I nurture new friendships, deepen old ones, and connect to new layers of love within my heart in this new home.”

  4. “May this home support me in becoming and blossoming into a newer, more ideal version of myself.”

  5. “May the kitchen be a welcoming and unifying place of nurturance, care and fun.”

Light the Unlit Candle & Voice Intentions

When you’re finished with your intentions, light the unlit candle and read them all out loud, facing your centerpiece. End your blessing ceremony by saying, “May it be so.”

You may also wish to read aloud a poem such as the following by John O-Donohue:

“A New House”

May this house shelter your life.

When you come home here,

May all the weight of the world

Fall from your shoulders.

May your heart be tranquil here,

Blessed by peace the world cannot give.

May this home be a lucky place,

Where the graces your life desires

Always find the pathway to your door.

May nothing destructive

Ever cross your threshold.

May this be a safe place

Full of understanding and acceptance,

Where you can be as you are,

Without the need of any mask

Of pretense or image.

May this home be a place of discovery,

Where the possibilities that sleep

In the clay of your soul can emerge

To deepen and refine your vision

For all that is yet to come to birth.

May it be a house of courage,

Where healing and growth are loved,

Where dignity and forgiveness prevail;

A home where patience of spirit is prized,

And the sight of the destination is never lost

Though the journey be difficult and slow.

May there be great delight around this hearth.

May it be a house of welcome

For the broken and diminished.

May you have the eyes to see

That no visitor arrives without a gift

And no guest leaves without a blessing.

STEP 5: Sharing gratitude

The final piece to your house blessing is to express gratitude for your home, for the presence of supportive energies, and for yourself for choosing to be in a conscious, honoring relationship with your home. Take a moment to express your gratitude in any way that feels comfortable for you.

Now celebrate! Turn on some dance music and dance around, sing, or just listen to one of your favorite songs, share a meal, and do anything to celebrate this new chapter.

Lastly, we encourage you to keep some of the altar pieces out, and include the candle that you used to light your intentions. For the next 7 days, every night light the candle and invoke your intentions. If you want, you can read them out loud each night. After 7 days, the blessing is complete.

Final Words

A home You have prepared and created a space to acknowledge your home’s history, cleansed the walls and rooms from all negative energy, invited new energy with your intentions, and lastly expressed gratitude and celebrated. Your house is blessed.

If you liked this blog post, we'd love to hear from you! Leave a comment below.

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