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Sacred Rage

I’m sick of weak men who are afraid of a woman’s true power.

Men who have the audacity to proclaim my sacred rage as toxic, 

who have no emotional capacity to understand the proper place that my rage has

- the destroying aspect that brings balance to the cosmos.  

I have absolutely no room for cowardly men who are threatened by the fire in my belly, 

who try to silence me through their patronizing judgment

because I am unwilling to cater to their male fragility.

Men who think they are something they’re not.

Men who try to tame the wild.

Men who are afraid of submission.

I am sick and tired of men who feel entitled to my time and labor;

who maintain their position of dominance and falsely empower others,

who use and abuse them for their own strategic advantage.

Men who are self centered and self serving.

Men who are forceful and arrogant.

Men who lack humility.

I am done with unconscious men who claim to be allies but continue to perpetuate harm,

negate responsibility, and dismiss the experiences of those harmed.

Men who do not listen and do not see themselves.

Men who place themselves and their opinions above the experiences of others.

Men who are emotional children walking around acting like grown ups.

Get it straight. 

I am not here you please you. 

No, I will not be nice or exchange pleasantries to placate you.

No, I will not take on the guilt and disapproval that you continue to project onto me.

No, I will not sit pretty while you continue to seduce vulnerable people through your perfected performance and charm.

I see through men like you and I will not be silenced. 

I’m calling bullshit on the men who are living in denial and who refuse to check themselves.

Men like you need to wake the fuck up and pull your head out of your own ass. 

The wildfire of my truth cannot be tamed.

A woman in her power is a woman in her sacred rage.

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Right on.

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