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Michelle Rozek

Co-founder & Heart Keeper

At her core, Michelle is a healer, seer, and deep feeler. She is steady, committed, strong-willed, and carries the gift of manifestation. When Michelle gets something in her mind, it's only a matter of time before it becomes reality. She is the calm in the center of a storm, and the pearl of her essence is stillness. As an introverted empath, she is one who thrives in beingness and requires plenty of space to nurture presence and commune with the quiet, hidden aspects of life. As such, she is a woman who is not afraid of the dark, rather she finds peace and a sense of home in the places where most people feel discomfort and aversion. Michelle is highly attuned to the subtle realms and finds deep peace and clarity in the serenity of nature. As someone who identifies as an eco-sensual, Earth and all of her creatures are the ones who bring Michelle a deep sense of inner fulfillment and ecstasy.

Within our team, Michelle is our Heart Keeper, intuitive healer, and keeps us focused on what matters most. She facilitates our group therapeutic process spaces, works one-on-one with those seeking guidance, and listens deeply to the needs of others.

Michelle has endured the trials of emotionally and physically abusive relationships. Through the initiation of her relationships, she began to see the fragmented pieces of her familial patterns being repeated through her life unconsciously as if she was living out the same themes of every generation before her. The mirror of all the stories, behaviors, dynamics, and emotional tides of her own existence was not hers but imprinted within her as if they were. That is why she has committed her life to the path of healing and supporting others to work through the unconscious layers of intergenerational trauma that hold them back from actualizing their full potential.


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