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Embody Nature is a 30-page downloadable eco-somatic retreat guide featuring body-centered and nature-based practices designed to support you to...

  • nurture greater intimacy with life

  • experience ease and flow between your inner earthbody with the outer earthbody​

  • listen to the inner wisdom of your body

  • deepen presence, mindfulness and a quieting of the mind​

  • attune to the sensual landscape and increase felt sense awareness

  • nurture nervous system regulation through rhythm and rest

  • receive the healing gifts of earth



  • First Day, Middle Days, and Final Day retreat structure

  • Morning and Evening practices

  •  Intention setting 

  • Altar making & Invocation guidance

  • Reflection & integration guidance

  • 17 Eco-Somatic exercises (inhale, exhale)

  • Elemental Engagement exercises 

Embody Nature: Self Guided Eco-Somatic Retreat

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