Serenity Charm: A Talisman for the Anxious

“Anxiety’s like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get you very far.” – Jodi Picoult

Given the times in which we live, anxiety is something that we are all too familiar with under the threatening conditions of racial capitalism. And anxiety SUCKS. It’s chronic tension, constantly on the edge of panic, your thoughts a blur of worry. In my most anxious moments, all I want is a moment of peace, to breathe deeply and just be. I want my rocking chair to stop rocking so I feel the solid ground beneath me. It is in that moment I reach for my serenity charm.

Anxiety communicates to us that our nervous system is experiencing overwhelm which can bring us into dissociated states and feelings of disconnection. These are the moments when we need to resource ourselves with practices and rituals that bring us back onto solid ground and feelings of inner calm.

It’s important to remember that your body is wise and that your feelings are providing you with important information arising from your environment. Under the exploitation and repression of racial capitalism our bodies are not safe and chronic anxiety is one indication of this.

Learning to self-soothe by coming back into settled connection when you are anxious is an important practice in your self-love healing journey. The ingredients and earth medicines that make up the contents of this Serenity Charm have been intentionally selected because of their calming properties.

This is not a replacement for anxiety medication. This is not an invitation to stop any practices you utilize for your anxiety. If a prescription is working for you or meditation is your jam, keep doing the things that help you steer your boat to calmer seas. Check out our Guided Meditation for Emotional Regulation.

The serenity charm is a way of keeping Mother Nature's calm with me, a talisman to remind me there's peace at the end of this anxious moment. It is a prayer to Earth, a prayer of grounding and tranquility held together by herbs and stones.

What You’ll Need

  • Sealable jar or bottle

  • Incense Stick (Rosemary or Sage)

  • Lighter or Matches - get at your local grocery store

  • Salt - get at your local grocery store

  • Lavender

  • Chamomile

  • Bay Leaf - get at your local grocery store

  • Sage

  • Amethyst

  • Rose Quartz

  • Candle (white or green) - get from any local shop or make your own!

  • Eggshell Powder (optional) - keep your egg shells, dry them under the sun, grind & store them.

  • Wax melts (optional)

We encourage you to grow your own plant medicines and purchase as much as possible from your local area. Here are a list of a few metaphysical shops in the Piedmont area of NC if you happen to be here:

In all that you do, we encourage mindfulness especially when it comes to our consumerism habits. We refrain from using Amazon as much as possible, so if you're ordering online try ordering from local, family owned stores. We also encourage you to research and support shops that may owned by BIPOC and queer folks. When shopping for crystals, aim for folks who sell ethically sourced gemstones such as Moonrise Crystals. If you can't find what you're looking for, don't worry about it! What matters more is the intention, letting your own intuition guide you, and staying aligned to your values.

Setting the space

I start by casting a circle to focus and contain my energy. I happened to be inside when I created this charm, as my first attempt outdoors was quickly blown away by particularly mischievous winds. Being inside, I spread a cloth on the table, and I cast my circle upon it. This helps establish a physical altar… and it's a big help in the clean-up (let's face it, this eco friendly witch makes a mess).

I choose to cast my circle with eggshell powder. Eggshells have an inherent protection in them, and if you're creating outside, they're not quite as harsh on soil as salt. Check out our post to make your own eggshell powder.

I set all my ingredients up, and I cast the eggshell circle around them. Once the circle is complete, sit within a while, holding your intention. Visualize calming scenes. Imagine a calm ocean, a placid lake, a gentle flowing river. Imagine sitting in a quiet cool forest, breathing with the trees. I go to nature for all of my varied emotions and states. You can choose your own calm as you sit with your circle.

When I feel ready, I light a candle.

Preparing the charm

I begin by cleansing the bottle or jar with the incense.

In my mind, this is clearing out all other intentions and energy, leaving space for only what I put into the bottle.

I add the herbs one layer at a time, ending with a layer of stone chips. Make sure to use completely dried herbs. Any moisture would cause the jar or bottle to mildew, spoiling the charm.

As I add each layer, I speak aloud the intention of the inclusion. There’s power in speaking a thing aloud, there’s power in calling in the energy of the herb or stone.

Adding Ingredients

My first layer is always salt, both for protection and dispelling negative energy. I chose pink himalyan salt for the added dose of self-love. When do we need to be more gentle and loving with ourselves than in a moment of anxiety and stress?

I add lavender for calm and peace.

I add chamomile for calm and purity. There’s nothing more murky than anxiety.

I add ground sage for wisdom and protection.