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Interalchemy Circle

A relational skills building space to explore what it looks and feels like to be in a healthy and supportive relational space. This therapeutic group process is designed for people who are interested in expanding self awareness learning new embodiments that align to spiritual values.

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Interalchemy Circle
Interalchemy Circle

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD

About the Program

Interalchemy Circle is a 6-week therapeutic group process designed for people who are interested in expanding self awareness and deepening their personal growth journeys. It is for one who longs to live a whole-hearted life and is ready to try something different; something new that requires courage in order to expand their comfort zone. It is for one who longs to understand themselves more intimately and is willing to face their fears to discover hidden aspects of their true self. It is for one who doesn’t want to settle for a life of mediocrity and is willing to get uncomfortable to discover more than what meets the eye. It is for one who is ready to look seriously and with curiosity at the current thought-forms, emotional patterning, behaviors and ways of relating to the world that define their current experience. It is for the person who is willing to invest in their own transformation knowing it will require their whole self. 

We will gather in a circle each week to explore the nature of our interactions with non-judgmental curiosity and compassionate awareness. Together we will unpack layers of conditioning, traumas, and unconscious patterns that each of us carry and how it shows up in our bodies. We will explore your current relationship to the outer world and how moments of challenge/trigger inform your current relationship to your inner world. We seek to contemplate and make meaning out of each experience as a doorway into greater self-awareness. We aim to cultivate interoceptive awareness in which you will begin to attune to your bodily sensations, feelings, ways of receiving, accessing and engaging with your environment. During each session, we will guide individuals through a facilitated process of discovery, awareness, reflection, re-association and integration. We will share exercises, activities and ‘home plays’ that strengthen your awareness and will provide you with resources for inner tracking, regulation and embodiment. 

Over the course of this program, you will also have an opportunity to meet one-on-one to ask questions, receive further guidance and deepen your integration practice. It is important for us to offer this individual guidance within the group context so as to deepen your commitment to your growth journey. Only you can transform you. Only you can do the work of becoming who you want to be. We create a supportive space for you to experiment and explore new edges of self discovery.

The goal of this space is to create the right conditions for transformation to take place among people who want to make life changes toward healing and wholeness. Those conditions include safety, trust, spaciousness, acceptance, compassion, understanding, sensitivity, patience, receptivity, and gratitude. The power and success of the group is based on each person’s willingness to show up as their authentic selves with a willingness to take risks, be seen and heard, and who are committed to strengthening the conditions stated above. We honor each other in our vulnerability and are inspired to be more of who we inherently are as we uncover the layers of conditioning holding us back. Doing this work in a group setting is POWERFUL and not for the faint of heart. It takes courage to show up in a space like this with a willingness to compassionately witness others and to be seen in your humanness.


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