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Mon, Nov 07



November Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Ritual

The bright light of the Full Moon reflects a time of illumination and abundance. This is a powerful time to give thanks and to acknowledge the beauty of life and all you have brought into being. Energy is heightened, thus emotions are amplified. Together, let's honor this moment of culmination!

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November Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Ritual
November Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Ritual

Time & Location

Nov 07, 2022, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM


About the Program

Our nature is cyclical, and yet under the influence of industrial growth society we have learned to deny the inherent ebb and flow of life and instead move through life under great pressure, ever quickening speed, and overstimulation. This is inherently disorienting and ungrounding.

When we attune to nature's moon tides we counter the movement of modern capitalism and the tendency to stay busy, distracted and in survival mode. By intentionally slowing down we create space to digest our life experiences. In doing so, we invite new embodied narratives to emerge. 

When we work with the energy of the moon, we're are working within the feminine, instinctive, and emotional dimensions of life; a realm that often goes unacknowledged. Through restful introspection, connection, feeling, sensing, and softening we begin to touch into and nurture an ancient part of ourselves we have been conditioned to forget - our divine feminine aspect.


  • think cyclically and live in accordance with nature's rhythms.
  • recognize themes and patterns playing out in your life.
  • create a consistent practice of tuning into your emotional landscape.
  • recognize and soften into the inherent ebb and flow in all things.
  • harness the power of new beginnings and natural endings.


  • cultivate our relationship to the dark,
  • slow down and touch into the feeling landscape of our lives,
  • give expression to our emotional landscape,
  • welcome insights & new ways of being as we integrate change,
  • practice honoring cycles of life/death/rebirth.


  • Explore your emotional life and uncover themes in relationship to the changing moon tides.​
  • Discuss astrological insights and the energy available to support you through current life circumstances.
  • Honor the divine feminine presence in your life and learn to soften your resistance to the natural ebb and flow of life's changing tides.
  • Enjoy somatic meditations that nurture your connection to inner and outer cycles.​
  • Share in ritual with fellow seekers and develop meaningful connections over time.
  • Receive a FREE Moon Month chapter from our Moon Guide & Journal


  • Invocation
  • Introductions
  • Moon Insights
  • Integration Practice
  • Harvest & Sharing
  • Card Reading
  • Closing


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  • Community Care Rate

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    By purchasing your ticket at this price you are helping us to build our Community Care & Relational Repair fund. Learn more under ABOUT.




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