Monthly Virtual Call

“The context that restores community is one of possibility, generosity, and gifts, rather than one of problem solving, fear, and retribution. Communities are human systems given form by the conversations that build relatedness. The small group is the unit if transformation and the container for the experience of belonging. ” 


― Peter Block

Tending to the Heart of Community

Once a month, we come together to drop into our community container to tend to our connections with beloveds near and far. Community Care Circle is a virtual co-healing space that builds relationship bonds rooted in deep listening, reflection, and heart sharing where we will explore themes that are relevant to each of us. This is an opportunity to check-in with your bodymind, heart, and spirit AND cultivate your relationship to this community space. Whether or not you have participated in any of our gatherings, this is a perfect opportunity to get a taste! 

Community As Resource: 

  • Plug into community support where you will be held, witnessed, heard, valued, and deeply seen.

  • Cultivate bonds of connection and friendship that strengthen the fabric of community over time.

  • Contribute your voice and wisdom toward a vision of community that you want to invest in.


"We receive from every experience in proportion to what we give. In other words, the richness of our lives is necessarily dependent on the depth of our commitment. Reserved involvement guarantees only limited rewards, while wholehearted efforts promise full-scale returns. In all aspects of our lives, we'll find this to be true."