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Lillian Heaton

Job Title

Lily embodies the essence of a mountain: constancy, equanimity, stability, and order, yet she is also fiery and fierce in her convictions. Lily’s flame ignites when she witnesses the injustices and lack of integrity within our political systems. She is a powerful force through her intellect and integrity, and she will not stand down in the face of dominance. She harnesses her righteous anger into passion by creating space to educate, amplify, build skills and support the needs of people.

On behalf of our team, Lily is our Scribe & Story Keeper - she weaves all of the threads of this unfolding work together. She sees through the logistics, gets things down to the practical, and can narrow any complex idea into its simplest form. She is our wordsmith, resource guide, content editor, and software queen. She plans gatherings, retreats, and rituals for our team. Her preference is to lead from behind the scenes where she can quietly observe and yet make movement happen all at once.

More than anything, Lily is devoted to serving her family and friends and the people she holds in her heart. She spends most of her time making gifts, creating rituals, planning hangouts, researching, and reading for others. Every breath is in service to her relationships. Lily embodies the most ideal, loyal, and committed friend anyone could ever know. When you are in her presence, you feel as though a warm blanket has been placed over your shoulders as she holds a space for you to be whomever you are in the moment.


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