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Jessica Cudney

Co-founder & Space Tender

In essence, Jess is a beam of light who inspires and activates the hearts of people through her words and actions. She is expressive, playful, and radiates the beauty that is inherent everywhere. Jess is a catalyst for transformation, challenging and inviting the clinging identities that divide and harm us by showing up with loving and impactful action. She is a powerful communicator, writer, ideator, and heart generator, which she chooses to direct toward serving the healing of the planet. Her relationships are central to her, and she is surrounded by many long-lasting friendships. She loves sharing and exploring the growth edges of all her relationships.

On behalf of our team, Jess is our Space Tender both on and offline paying close attention to creating an aesthetic of warmth, connection, and beauty in all spheres of the work. She is our content developer, graphic designer, and program facilitator. She comes from a social justice and peace background and is devoted to the lifelong journey of unlearning and healing the internalized systems of oppression held within her body. She is a helper at heart, a visionary, and a trailblazer.

In the blissful mundane of everyday life, Jess loves gathering all her friends together to share and co-create intentional, meaningful experiences. She thrives and nurtures her core by dancing, writing, crafting, and spending time in nature. She is inspired every day by the magic and beauty of earth and delights in capturing the essence of Earth through nature photography.


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