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BELONGING + the rhythm of resonance

“You fall out of rhythm when you renege on your potential and talent, when you settle for the mediocre as a refuge from the call. When you lose rhythm your life becomes wearyingly deliberate or anonymously automatic. Rhythm is the secret key to balance and belonging.”

― John O'Donohue

If you were a body of water what would you be?

What landscape would you belong to and flow through?

This six-week journey is all about claiming your natural rhythm by exploring embodiment narratives that challenge main “stream” ways of being and moving. We will draw upon the metaphor of water to guide us in reclaiming personal agency over the ways in which life expresses and flows through us. 


Rhythm is the dance between sound and silence; the oscillation between movement and rest.  As humans, we’re constantly filling space, moving at a rhythm that doesn't permit us to feel into that silence. But what would happen if we moved more intently and listened to the space in between?  Rhythm is relational in that it can stabilize a group or system. For this reason, it plays a very important role in the living  world as a way to communicate and regulate the eco (nervous) system. This is also true for us, since our nervous system is imbedded within the larger ecological body.

Resonance is when your inner and outer rhythms (waters) converge in harmony to then amplify the other. This expansion creates more room for you to flow, to express yourself in new ways, and to move into new realms of potential. Resonance is an affirmation of belonging. It is learning to trust yourself. It is learning the rhythm of your soul as expressed through your body and aliveness. It is learning about what thriving looks and feels like for you and practicing that. You know what you need, and you know how to best meet those needs outside of all the external noise.


In this session of Solidarity Circle, we will explore embodiment practices centered around the 6 P's: Pausing, Pacing, Play, Pleasure, Presence, and Prayer.  We invite you to listen deeply to the rhythm of your felt experience and be open to how the waters of your life long to flow through you.

Solidarity Circle is an embodiment space dedicated to deepening our sense of belonging as we navigate our life waters and explore the many themes and patterns reflected in our personal and collective journeys. We know that when people come together in the spirit of kinship, mutual empowerment, and co-liberation, miracles happen. 

This 6-week journey takes place every Spring and Fall and is designed with the intention to support your self-love journey, amplify your power, and cultivate meaningful relationships within the circle. Each session explores a different theme that is relevant to the participants who show up. We love the process of shaping our next session based on what YOU want.


Solidarity Circle is for all cis and trans women, as well as non-binary people who are comfortable in a space that centers the experiences of women.  



  • You want to create a culture of solidarity among people who see each other as equals and to heal the racialized, heteropatriarchal wounds that so often keep us divided.

  • You long to form authentic connections and friendship bonds that deepen over time with people whom you can show up as your whole self without shame or apology.

  • You are interested in sharing radical conversations and healing experiences that push the cultural narrative toward expansion and co-liberation.

  • You are willing to gently stretch your comfort zone as you explore new inner landscapes. 

  • Recognize, heal, and let go of cultural narratives that keep you disempowered, silent, and repressed.

  • Deepen your relationship to your intuition and give space to honor your body's inner knowing and wisdom.



Through a weekly emergent group process, we craft the kind of culture we long to see in the world through co-creating intimate and supportive experiences that foster nervous system regulation, body attunement, and relational coherence. We do this through group somatic practices, heart-shares, ritual-making, storytelling, listening to and supporting one another, and holding each other accountable in our commitments.

  • Engage in a weekly 2-hour co-healing space which includes group processing, grounding practices, body-based listening, facilitated awareness techniques, storytelling, and skill sharing.

  • Practice somatic mindfulness, connect to your body's felt experience, and tap into intuitive wisdom.​​

  • Explore and offer your skills, gifts, and wisdom to people who want to see you shine.

  • Deepen your connection with other participants through a private online community space.