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Create space in your life to be re-enchanted by the song of Earth, whose dance around the sun invites you into an intimate dialogue with your own inner nature and into the embrace of your ecological belonging.

Eight images of the seasons encircling an illustration of the sun, forming the Celtic Wheel of the Year


Winter Solstice
Dec. 21

Feb. 1

Spring Equinox
Mar. 20

May 1

Summer Solstice
Jun. 21

Aug. 1

Autumn Equinox
Sept. 21

Nov. 1

Join us on a sacred journey through the seasons

The Wheel of the Year is an annual cycle of eight Celtic festivals (also called Sabbaths) that mark seasonal turning points in the year. Under modern capitalism we have learned to follow the concept of linear time, however in the past when we lived in closer relationship to nature, time was perceived as cyclical. The Wheel of the Year is a calendar focused on this cyclical journey of the seasons. Honoring the cycles and the seasons remind us of the wholeness and ever-changing flow of life that we are miraculously embedded within and informed by.

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Embodied Nature is a love offering from our heart to yours, designed to unlock and awaken the natural wisdom and wellspring already present within you. 


Under the influence of industrial growth society we have learned to deny the inherent ebb and flow of life and instead move through life under great pressure, ever quickening speed, and overstimulation which is ultimately disorienting and ungrounding. However in the past, when our ancestors lived in close relationship to nature, they understood that everything happens in cycles.


Re-orienting to Earth's seasonal turning is a powerful practice of reclaiming ancestral wisdom and awakening ecological intelligence. For this reason, we regard this work as a simple yet powerful form of sacred activism that has the power to restore balance both within and without.

We believe that your body is wise, that everything you need to thrive already exists within you, and that as nature, you carry the capacity to heal, grow, transform, and evolve. The more familiar you become with nature's seasons and cycles, the more you will come to know yourself. 

After all, you are what the whole universe is doing... unfolding, unfurling, and becoming.


Our Mid-Winter Guidebook Includes:
- Wheel of the Year overview
- Introduction to Imbolc / Mid-Winter
- Activities to align to the seasonal energy
- Traditional Celtic Craft: Making your own Brigid's Cross
Traditional Celtic Recipes
- Imbolc / Mid-Winter Ritual
- Journal Prompts
- Activities for Creative Expression

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