Sacred Studies: Gene Keys is a full-spectrum journey blending the wisdom of astrology, epigenetics, and ancient wisdom based on the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching.

In our first iteration of Sacred Studies, we’ll be diving into the book called Gene Keys by Richard Rudd. This book provides teachings that will guide you toward a deeper understanding of Self through the spectrum of human consciousness. It is a universal language consisting of 64 genetic archetypes based on the I Ching that invites each of us to embrace the unconscious fears at work in our lives inherited from ancestral memories and intergenerational trauma.


Together we will explore the energetics of human interactions, the archetypes of human consciousness, and how to lean into times of uncertainty with faith in the unknown. If you want to heal the intergenerational trauma imprints embedded within your DNA, this is a great place to start or even deepen the healing work you're already doing.


  • You are ready to uncover and break free of personal patterns that keep you locked into painful relationships, situations, and circumstances.

  • You want to understand and transform certain behaviors, choices, unconscious fear states that keep you from living your best life.

  • You are interested in healing transmitted intergenerational, familial, and cultural wounds.

  • You long to understand yourself in deeper ways and wish to create meaning out of your experiences.

  • You desire to grow inwardly, spiritually, and relationally.

  • You seek to understand how your own personal healing journey is interwoven with collective liberation and planetary evolution.

  • You are interested in the spiritual-science-human convergence and curious about the energetics of self.​


  • Share stories and experiences in an intimate group process.

  • Uncover hidden archetypal patterns inherited from our human family lineage.

  • Explore the energetic subtleties of human interactions.

  • Deepen your understanding of the relational field that forms attraction.

  • Learn Gene Key foundations, the spectrum of human consciousness, and glossary of personal empowerment.

  • Study five specific archetypes within three levels of awareness.

  • Receive short weekly readings and optional home-plays.

  • Enjoy a weekly 2-hour discussion space which will include grounding, ritual, oracle card readings, storytelling and breakouts


We will meet on Tuesday evenings from 7-9pm beginning on January 12th and will meet for 6 weeks. We will read sections of the Gene Keys on our own time and come together to discuss each week based on the following schedule:

WEEK 1: Jan. 12th


WEEK 2: Jan. 19th

Reflection & Discussion

WEEK 3: Jan. 26th

Reflection & Discussion

WEEK 4: Feb. 2nd

Reflection & Discussion

WEEK 5: Feb. 9th

Reflection & Discussion

WEEK 6: Feb. 16th

Reflection & Closing



We offer a sliding scale for this offering based on the following:




We understand access to resources is a result of institutionalized systems of oppression including but not limited to white supremacy, patriarchy, ableism, capitalism and colonization. The above sliding scale fee structure allows those who have systematically benefited from these unjust and inequitable systems to practice reparations within our community. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Please reach out to to co-create reciprocity that works for you.