Written in 2014

I believe that a thriving, loving, just and peaceful world is possible. I am committed to living in alignment with this knowing.


However, to transform the world I know that first I must be willing to transform myself. This is a call to accountability of how I walk in this world.


I am called to take full responsibility for who I am becoming and how I show up in this world. I am being called to claim my power and my voice; to own my beliefs, thoughts, choices, words, and actions knowing that all of this is important because it carries weight and creative power.

I am called to challenge oppressive and violent social structures that exist within a colonial, capitalistic and patriarchal culture; to assess how I have been influenced by and how I either contribute to or resist those structures.


It requires an honest look in the mirror with a critical yet compassionate eye. It is a confrontation and exploration of self; a conscious process of unlearning and decolonizing old, oppressive, and harmful habits of thinking and doing. It is an intentional way of living that requires conscious effort and daily focus.


It is an invitation to get messy, to admit when I am wrong, to accept failure, to acknowledge weakness or limitation. Often it is a call to act as well as a call to listen.


It is not an easy path, for the vulnerabilities associated with this kind of authenticity are painful and uncomfortable though important because they point me to a more harmonious and empowered state of being with myself, others, and all my relations. They are natural aspects of experiencing life in this human form. They serve a critical role in my expansion, awakening, connecting and loving.


Every challenge is disguised as an opportunity for spiritual growth.


Healing is a lifelong journey; one that has called me to recognize my place within the whole as something necessary and significant rather than small and insignificant; a journey of spirit that recognizes one as all.


The path of transformation is a path of paradox: falling and rising, breaking and healing, becoming and unbecoming. It is a Sacred Passage of re-connection and remembering our shared story: love expressed as creation and unity.