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This work explores how your own personal growth and spiritual development is reflected and informed by the ebb and flow of the Moon along the archetypal journey of the zodiac. The Moon is ruler of the tides, and this includes your psychic, intuitive and emotional tides. By working through this guide you will explore the astrological influences and invitations of the Moon offered during each of the four phases in the lunar cycle. This will support you to attend to the shifting currents of your inner life as it relates to the outer changes unfolding in the world.


May Moon Guide & Journal includes:


  • Moon Tracking
  • Orienting to the Moon


MAY 1:

  • Waning Moon Integration
  • Release, Forgive, Gratitude


MAY 7:

  • New Moon Overview - gain clarity and set intentions for the next 6 months
  • Intentions & Affirmations

  • Oracle Spread


MAY 15:

  • Waxing Moon Self-Exploration
  • Mobilize & Express

  • Track Your Actions


MAY 23:

  • Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Overview - reflect on your journey over the past 6 months
  • Journal Prompts

  • Oracle Spread


MAY 30:

  • Waning Moon Integration
  • Release, Forgive, Gratitude

May 2024 Moon Ritual Guide - Digital Download

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