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This month we invite you to explore the theme of OBSERVING by engaging eco-somatic practices that support you to “listen” with more than just your ears and make better decisions. It brings a calmness to you, as you are no longer centered within yourself, but are selflessly involved in the story the living ecology around you, which includes other beings and relationships. Being mindful of your environment also strengthens the part of your brain associated with optimism and contentment. Whenever we are discovering new and interesting things, we are filled with a sense of excitement, wonder, and awe.



9-Page Eco-Somatic Practice Guide includes:


  • Nature's Arc of Change Overview

  • January Tracking Chart 

  • Overview of Practice

  • Week 1 Practice Section

  • Week 2 Practice Section

  • Week 3 Practice Section

  • Week 4 Practice Section

  • End-Of-Month Reflections

February Embodied Placemaking

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