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This work explores how your own personal growth and spiritual development is connected to the ebb and flow of the moon. The moon is ruler of the tides which includes your psychic, intuitive and emotional tides. By working through this guide over the course of the next year you will align your energy with the ebb and flow of the moon by attending to the shifting currents of your inner life and expanding into greater dimensions of self knowing and expression.


Learning to attune our energy with the ebb and flow of the moon has been an empowering journey of self-reclamation and remembrance for many. The more familiar you become with natural cycles the more you come to know your authentic self because you are what the whole universe is doing: evolving and unfurling into new shapes according to the intelligent cyclical patterns found everywhere in nature.


Under the influence of modern culture we have been conditioned to perceive time in an objective linear fashion which cuts us off from the intelligence of our ecological belonging. In the past, when our ancestors lived in close relationship to nature, they understood that everything happened in seasons and cycles. This supported them to live in relational harmony with the laws of nature.


That is why learning to orient to the moon is a powerful practice of reclaiming ancestral wisdom, strengthening intuition, and awakening ecological intelligence. Respecting the rhythms of dark and light has the power to shape entire cultures. For this reason, we regard this work as a simple yet potent form of sacred activism that has the power to restore balance within and without.

2023 Moon Ritual Guide E-Book

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