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Leaves Shadow

"To see nature is to see ourselves... to preserve nature is to preserve the matrix through which we can experience our souls and the soul of planet earth."

- Walter Christie

Upcoming Group Experience


Lean on nature as a healing guide and nurturing presence in your life.

Half-day Seasonal Immersions include:

  • 4 hours of facilitated eco-therapy experience.

  • Techniques and approaches to engage and deepen intimacy with self and earth.

  • Embodiment practices that foster regulation, aliveness and bodyful presence.

  • Individual and group experiences that awaken sensual perception.

  • An exploration of seasonal inisghts, themes and archetypal messages.


Our eco-therapy approach is rooted in eco-somatics which combines Somatic Experiencing, Polyvagal Theory, Attachment Theory with nature connection, creative expression and authentic movement. 

Image by Olena Sergienko

Lean on nature as a healing guide and nurturing presence in your life.

As an extension of nature, your system is designed to be in harmony with the oscillating rhythms of flow, rest, rising, falling, expansion, contraction, and so on. Spending time in nature supports a natural state of nervous system regulation.

Within 5 min of being in nature your body and brain start to change...

Research today confirms the profoundly healing and restorative effects of nature on our mind and body.  Studies reveal that:

Indoors, we tend to use only two senses, our eyes and our ears. Outside is where all of our multi-sensory capacities awaken as we smell the flowers, taste the fresh air, notice at the changing colors of the trees, hear the birds singing and feel the breeze on our skin. Eco-mindfulness will support you in developing your curiosity, expand your senses and explore your interconnectedness with your living environment.

The teachings and healing ways of nature are revealed to those who listen deeply and engage with care. Approaching our relatives with reverence and mindfulness is foundational to eco-therapy.

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