Embodied Therapeutic Mentorship is a holistic pathway toward transformation that seeks to heal the wounded aspects of self, explore the transmitted traumas in our bodies, make space to reassociate and align to new ways of relating, and integrate the body as an essential place of transformation. We come from the perspective that what ails humanity is the disembodiment from our own living bodies and the greater body of Earth.


We welcome the opportunity to work with you and together create new pathways of transformation that ground and liberate your bodymind, heart and spirit in its movement towards freedom & belonging. 



Experience a new dimension of embodiment

Personal Transformation is a facilitated exploration journey in which you learn to relate to your body in new and liberating ways. We begin by honoring where you are and where you have come from and together form a context from which to understand your own personal mythology. We draw upon the incredible wisdom you have gained from your life to identify key strengths and resilient strategies. We identify your hopes and desires, your goals and intentions, your values and longings and assess the current “shape” of your life. 

From here we work to understand your current relationship to self and the behaviors that perpetuate unconscious ways of being that keep you from fully showing up as your most authentic self. We seek to increase awareness of your default “shape” which consists of personal narratives, memories, automatic responses, thought patterns, triggers, implicit biases, emotions, behaviors, habits, etc, and begin to heal and transform these inner frameworks.

Through reflection, mindfulness and somatic practices you will begin to explore the areas within your soma that are asleep, shut down, numb, disconnected or repressed. (Your “soma” is the living wholeness of your organism - mind/body/spirit/relational integration). By implementing new practices, rhythms and embodiments, we begin to reorient your awareness toward the interior space of your body, redefine  your experience of “self”, and create new openings and possibilities for transformation.  All of this contributes to re-shaping your old form into one that supports your essential nature, authentic power and soul purpose.

As you deepen presence and become more subtly attuned, you will learn how to become your own guide. You will reconnect to the wellspring of power that is within you, align to your destined self, and serve the transformational journey of earth. You will become spiritually embodied, and know your place of belonging within your body and within the body of earth.



  • 1.5 hr zoom sessions committed to your personal transformation journey

  • Guidance toward healing the wounded aspects of self

  • Resources, articles, guides to support your transformational process

  • Tools, skills, practices and new embodiments that facilitate awareness and align you to your greatest expression and embodiment of self 

  • A space that is dedicated to you, your healing, health and well-being 

  • Guided meditations, centering practices and somatic approaches that offer inner resources for creating a life of balance



$90 / 1.5 hr session


$75/1.5 hr session


Nourish your relationship from the inside out

Relational Embodiment is a devotional journey calling to couple’s who long to take their relationship to the next level of consciousness, trust and intimacy. It is for couples who want to live in a healthy, communicative, and harmonizing partnership, and who are ready to learn the relational skills necessary to create a loving, respectful, and tender co-existence. It is for couple’s who feel inspired to be the best version of themselves possible, who want to create that reality in the context of their partnership, but who often feel stuck in how to get there. That’s where we come in. We lovingly assist you and your partner through an empowering process of shared discovery and deeply explore the areas of relationship that are holding you back from experiencing mutual expansion


For many of us, the old model of relationship we were given falls short of not only what’s possible, but of what is necessary for the evolution of humankind. Relationship as a catalyst for transformation is the new story of relationship and one that many people are now being initiated into. Relational Embodiment is a pathway towards that initiation. Relationships are the primary context of our lives, and thus, our most intimate relations hold a prime key to the doorway of our own inner awakening and transformation. In fact, the very challenges that confront us in our relationships are hidden opportunities for growth in disguise.


Relational Embodiment is an invitation to enter into a sacred context of relating where both individuals express a willingness to do the inner work necessary. This process will foster and depend upon character qualities of integrity, vulnerability, courage, transparency, responsibility and commitment. Your commitment to taking action and a willingness to get uncomfortable is necessary. 


We will explore what is working, what isn’t, and take action steps toward cultivating a dynamic that meets your needs, promotes awareness, deepens intimacy, strengthens trust, supports your individual growth journeys, encourages new forms of communication that foster harmony and loving compassion. 



  • 1.5 hr zoom sessions in the form of a facilitated dialogue committed to the harmonization of your relationship

  • Exploring relational themes, narratives, power dynamics, roles, strategies, and patterns that play out within the context of your partnership

  • A strengths-based approach to peeling back unconscious layers that work to prevent you from showing up wholeheartedly in your relationship

  • Identifying personal triggers (the source of emotional charges within the body) and gently working with the nervous system to create new response patterns through co-regulatory practices

  • Getting to the core of your deepest held desires and what matters most to you

  • Helping you to remember not only what is possible, but what is inevitable as you actively engage and tend to the love that lives within your shared heart

  • Somatic, visual, contemplative, and mindfulness practices to support co-regulation and emotional capacity

  • Educational resources specific to our sessions  that will support your relational transformation 

  • Custom post-session reflection prompts designed for deeper contemplation and integration practices that guide you toward new insights and embodied rhythms

No one is turned away for financial reasons.


Surrender to the power of natural self-healing

Energy Touch Therapy is an intuitive form of energetic massage in which the practitioner consciously uses her hands in a heart-centered and intentional way to support and facilitate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Energy Touch Therapy penetrates deep into the body's nervous system while at the same time balancing and clearing the energy field to settle and nurture the client.  It is a technique of touch that combines reiki with gentle massage. Reiki is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy", or ki, flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. 


We believe that there are patterned exchanges between the  physical, mental, energetic and spiritual elements of oneself, and these networks of association can be reoriented into greater alignment, attunement, balance and harmony through therapeutic touch.  Energy Touch Therapy is informed by an understanding that healing energy can be channeled through the hands of a practitioner and positively alter a clients state of well-being. The goal of healing touch is to restore balance, settle the nervous system, and harmonize the energy system, by inviting the client into an empowering position to self-heal and recalibrate. 

A complete 60 minute session is offered to a recipient who is lying down on a massage table. The practitioner uses gentle, non-invasive touch on a series of locations on the head and front and back of the torso to move and balance the client’s energy field, often resulting in feelings of deep relaxation and peacefulness. The practitioner can also hold her hands just off the body if needed or desired. The experience of Energetic Touch Therapy is subjective, changeable, and sometimes very subtle. People often comment on how comforting they find the experience of touch therapy to be. Some people fall into a deep, sleep-like meditative state. The most common experience is an almost immediate release of stress and a feeling of deep relaxation.

60 Minute Session

Distance Healing Session


$75 / 1 hr session


No one is turned away for financial reasons.



The following modalities combine to inform the major tenets of our current mentorship approach. Please see below for further acknowledgment and the lineage of learnings/influences of our work.

Tropical Leaves


Eco-Therapy is a holistic healing modality which maintains that tending our connection with the more-than-human world is necessary for thriving. Informed by Systems Theory, this modality honors  the fact that we are intimately embedded within and inseparable from Earth. Eco-Therapy recognizes  that our identity formation is influenced at a deep somatic level by our early experiences in nature, by our parents' ways of relating with nature, and by our culture’s narrative of the natural world.  


Through a process we call Earth Bonding, we begin to  recalibrate our inner system by attuning to Earth, cultivating co-regulation practices with Earth and forming a secure attachment to ourselves through Earth. Through education, practices and being with Earth,  we stimulate the healing of the mind-body-spirit relationship. 


As earth-centered white practitioners, it is our responsibility to acknowledge that this ancient wisdom was stolen from the Indigenous peoples many generations ago. Our inter-relationship to earth was severed by the violence we inflicted on the Indigenous cultures when we plundered what was inherent in them-a people rooted in land based ways of being and relating. It is our responsibility to acknowledge the cultural trauma that we as white people have inflicted.


We would would like to acknowledge the following movements, fields of study and folx who's work have influenced our cosmological orientation, many of whom we have not completed any formal study or training with. 


Decolonization, Black and Indigenous Queer Feminism, Whole Systems Theory, Epigenetics, Fractal Quantum Physics, Critical Ecology, Biomimicy, Ecopsychology, Celtic Spirituality.


Terry Real and Relational Life Therapy

Wendy DeRosa and the School of Intuitive Studies

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Racial Equity Alliance Groundwater Approach to Racial Equity Training

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adrienne maree brown and her work on Emergent Strategy and Pleasure Activism

Cultural Somatics and the work of Tada Hozumi and Resmaa Menakem

Richard Rudd and the Gene Keys

Joanna Macy and the Work that Reconnects

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Rain Crowe and The Burning Times Never Ended

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