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Eco-Grief Support Group

The natural world is the larger sacred community to which we belong. To be alienated from this community is to become destitute in all that makes us human. To damage this community is to diminish our own existence."


― Thomas Berry

Eco-Grief is a term that captures a very unique manifestation of grief given the times in which we live, specifically related to climate collapse, environmental injustices, and Earth devastation. It acknowledges and gives voice to the pain of disconnection that is particular to this current stage in the human story and our relationship to each other and the rest of the living biosphere.

Humans are interdependent with the whole of the planet, which means that whatever happens to the greater body of Earth happens to us, whether we are attuned to the impact or not. Those who are conscious of the violence against Earth often feel pain in their bodies and despair deep in their hearts. This can often be expressed through grief - a very healthy way to process pain, fear, and anxiety.

Eco-Grief and Anxiety are sensations and feelings that arise in our bodies (since we are extensions of Earth) in response to the lunacy and violence of our collective ways as expressed through Industrial Growth Society. As interconnected life forms, we belong and are imbedded within the earthly biosphere and are dependent upon the entire planetary system for survival and thriving. What threatens Earth, threatens us all. Eco-Grief and Anxiety are very normal and healthy survival responses to a global situation that is threatening life as we know it.



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Group support in the ongoing process of grieving ecological losses and devastation is a critical component in our ability to adapt in times of such uncertainty and change. Connection is the antidote to alienation and feeling alone. Talking about and sharing in grief rituals helps us to move the energy of anger, fear and anxiety by channeling it into empowering practices and expressions.

During our time together each month, we will create a sacred ritual space to honor the grief that we carry in our hearts for Earth. We will share practices and conversations that allow us to touch into and metabolize any grief that is present. There will be somatic practices offered for resourcing, mobilizing, and grounding. 

4th Wednesdays of the month  |  7-8:30pm
Location: Zoom

"We discover a repression that weighs upon our inherent sense of loyalty to the planet that mothered the human mind into existence. If psychosis is the attempt to live a lie, the epidemic psychosis of our times is the lie of believing that we have no ethical obligation to our planetary home.”


- Howard Clinebell