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Eco-Therapy Seasonal Immersions are half-day guided experiences where you will be introduced to the foundations of Eco-Therapy and supported in developing a healing relationship with the natural world. They are designed for those who are interested in Eco-Therapy, who wish to cultivate a  meaningful relationship to the living landscape, and who want to explore healing with earth.

View of a wetland pond in early spring from a wide view angle. The forest of trees encircling the pond are bare but tiny red buds can be seen on the tips of branches.


  • Introduction to Eco-Therapy Foundations

  • 3 hours of facilitated eco-somatic exploration.

  • Techniques and approaches to engage and deepen intimacy with self and earth.

  • Exercises that foster regulation, aliveness and bodyful presence.

  • Individual and group experiences that awaken sensual perception.

  • Embodiment practices that stimulate new felt-experiences within your body, the group body while being with the earth body

Lean on nature as a healing guide and nurturing presence in your life.


Within 5 min of being in nature your body and brain start to change...



  • The smell of pine trees strengthens your immune system.

  • When you hear birdsong or look at fractal patterns in nature your brain puts out more alpha waves making you feel both calm and alert.

  • If you spend an hour and a half walking around plants and animals you will be less preoccupied with your own personal problems and feel more connected to people and the world around you


Our eco-therapeutic approach aims to counter the embodied narratives of mainstream culture which reproduce stress patterns that dis-regulate the individual and collective nervous system and further separate us from our natural wisdom and empowerment.


For this reason our Seasonal Immersions offer a creative response to the challenges we face. These times can easily overwhelm and challenge our capacity to stay regulated which can compromise our ability to show up in full aliveness. Yet this is what the world needs now more than ever. Aliveness is the condition of grounded connection and purposeful action. 


By drawing upon eco-somatic and earth bonding practices (elements of our approach), each half-day immersion is intentionally crafted to create felt-sense experiences designed to reorient your internal working model (attachment theory) towards deepening trust, safety, regulation and body attunement.


Earth Bonding is the embodied exploration of healing the self in relationship to earth. It is a process of creating meaningful, intimate and healing encounters between you and the natural world. These experiences foster eco-regulation, which is an interactive process of regulatory support that occurs within the context of nature and can lead to the formation of a secure attachment with the tangible personhood of place.

Image of a white woman reaching her arms around a large oak tree. She has long hair and she is topless.

What is Eco-Somatics?



The energies of your own system are committed to the fulfillment of your potential.

The teachings, medicine and healing powers of nature are abundant, especially when we are able to engage with earth in mindful and reverent ways. As an extension of nature, your system is designed to be in alignment with the oscillating rhythms of flow, rest, rising, falling, growth, activity, and so on.


Through facilitated Eco-Therapy Seasonal Immersions you will:

  • Make contact with the seasonal energy through a facilitated somatic experience that mirrors nature's rhythms, movements, tones, breath patterns, and ways of relating.

  • Be given the opportunity to explore your relationship to the living landscape while deepening your relationship to your own body as an extension of earth.

  • Practice attuning to your sensational body while leaning on nature as a nurturing presence.

Image by Matt Seymour


  • You are among the many who feel the weight of these times and have felt a very real impact on your bodymind and soul.

  • You are deeply attuned to the source of our collective suffering: the dissociation from our bodies and the greater body of earth.

  • You are feeling stressed or overwhelmed and want to give yourself time to drop into full body presence and joy.

  • You are experiencing "zoom fatigue" and know that being outside and activating your senses is exactly what your bodymind needs to replenish.

  • You are feeling the need to change things up and know that trying something new is exactly what you need

  • You are feeling stuck in the stagnancy of your daily routine and know that learning new embodiment practices will help get you out of the rut.

  • You are feeling isolated and lonely and know that an afternoon of meaningful connection will provide you with the soul nourishment you long for.

  • You are feeling tired and unmotivated and know that playful exploration with others will revitalize your spirit 

  • You are feeling dull and uninspired and know that immersing yourself in nature's active beauty will  bring you a sense of wonder and joy.

  • You are noticing that a lot of your time is spent behind screens and you know that spending an afternoon unplugged is a good way to reset. 


2023 dates coming soon.

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