We look to the wisdom of nature, and teachers like Mycelium, to guide our explorations of interconnectivity and to better understand our unique role in building community resilience through networks of care and connection - both across distances (virtually) and at home. 


Mycelium as a metaphor and manifestation of interconnectivity reminds us of the cooperative nature of creation and teaches us about how systems thrive. Their ecological role can be understood as the planet's digestive system and is the underground network that distributes resources.


Tending to the web of our connections

WHEN: 2nd Wednesday of each month  |  7-8:30pm

COMING UP: July 14th circle

Once a month, we come together to drop into our community container to tend to our connections with beloveds near and far. Community Care Circle is a virtual co-healing space that builds relationship bonds rooted in deep listening, reflection, and heart sharing where we will explore themes that are relevant to each of us. This is an opportunity to check-in with your bodymind, heart, and spirit AND cultivate your relationship to this community space. Whether or not you have participated in any of our gatherings, this is a perfect opportunity to get a taste! 

Community As Resource: 

  • Plug into community support where you will be held, witnessed, heard, valued, and deeply seen.

  • Cultivate bonds of connection and friendship that strengthen the fabric of community over time.

  • Contribute your voice and wisdom toward a vision of community that you want to invest in.


"We receive from every experience in proportion to what we give. In other words, the richness of our lives is necessarily dependent on the depth of our commitment. Reserved involvement guarantees only limited rewards, while wholehearted efforts promise full-scale returns. In all aspects of our lives, we'll find this to be true."

Group Planting a Tree


Community Care Day is for folks who live locally and who want to build relationships of mutual care. We are a volunteer-led community of people who are eager to show up as good neighbors to meet the needs of our community in an effort to create a more beautiful, just and equitable society.


We are teaming up with local organizations, community groups, and mutual aid efforts who need hands-on support and other forms of service.  If you are a part of an organization or community effort that needs support, please fill out this form.


“The social fabric of community is formed from an expanding shared sense of belonging. Community offers the promise of belonging and calls for us to acknowledge our interdependence. To belong is to act as an investor, owner and creator of this place.”   Peter Block


We are growing a beautiful network of relationships made of people and organizations in Alamance County who are dedicated co-evolving through collaboration and co-pollination. 

We seek to come together with local organizers, healers, faith-builders, and lovers of people and the planet - folks who are committed to the work of co-liberation and who want to get to know one another and explore what it means to form a Collective Of Care for the purpose of tending to the communities we are a part of and in service to.


How can we support one another in our service? What skills, resources, and wisdom might be available in our coming together? How might we create bridges between our work and communities? What can we learn from Mycelium or other (more-than-human) teachers about community resilience?

Visions we carry for co-pollination:

  • Resource Mapping: & Skill Sharing

    • What needs exist within the surrounding community? What conversations needs to be had? What resources exist among us? Who has access to these resources? How can they be made available to those who need it?​

  • Food Drive/Food Sharing

    • Would like to connect and collaboration with folks doing this work in the community already. Who is receiving food and what kind? What about fresh food? Who within our neighborhood needs food?

  • Co-Healing & Creating Space for Pleasure and Joy