Way Of Belonging is the sacred journey of returning

home to our shared human heart and to the sanctity of Earth.

Way Of Belonging is an Earth-based, spiritual justice community devoted to relational and ecological living in service to collective liberation and planetary healing. We seek to form coalitions, partnerships and collaborations rooted in radical liberatory praxis, community care and relational accountability with folx and organizations who are dedicated to birthing a spiritually embodied network of belonging that fosters equity, justice, solidarity, kinship, diversity, mutual aid, co-resilience and an honoring the sacred..

Way Of Belonging is rooted in the belief that we each carry a sacred responsibility toward personal expansion, collective liberation and planetary healing. Thus, we are devoted to birthing new cultural forms and relational realities that transform human consciousness, dismantle collective systems of oppression, and cultivate a sacred context of belonging with Earth. 


We do this by integrating new forms of being, tending to the harmonization of our relationships, working toward justice, and embodying values of Earth consciousness. We are committed to learning and growing together through an embodied commitment to: 

Personal Empowerment 

Relational Synergy  

Community Care

Embodied Activism 


Earth-Based Wellness


Areas of Focus


Personal Empowerment is the practice of committing to true Self over and over again. It is an initiatory process of claiming your truth, stepping into your power, choosing to strengthen the path of your heart, and looking deeply into your fears with courage, faith, compassion and trust.  It is a self awareness journey of accepting challenges that illuminate your patterned ways of being in the world that have kept you small, comfortable, complicit and pushes you beyond your comfort zone toward greater accountability. It involves the practice of contemplating the interior space of your inner experience with the aim of integrating new ways of being that cultivate inner power and knowing. When we commit to Personal Empowerment, we are deepening our relationship to Self as foundational for all relationships. 



Relational Synergy is a devotional journey that requires an inner capacity to listen deeply, take responsibility, actively engage in cherishing our shared heart, and work toward nurturing a secure foundation of trust. It is the practice of reorienting our focus in service to the harmonization of our relationships and invites us to be accountable for what is created between two or more people. Synergism requires curiosity, reciprocity, mutualism and collaboration that serves the expansion, quality, and evolution of any individual entity. It is a relational agreement where two self-empowered entities choose to commit to a shared common goal that fuels the growth of their souls, recognizes their individual needs, the needs of the other, and the needs of their relationship. 


Earth-Based Wellness recognizes what Indigenous Peoples have long known - that the health of our community is determined by the health of the other-than-human-world, Land and Waters. Earth-Based Wellness recognizes that being in relationship with Earth heals and re-establishes a spiritual connection with the Land. As we engage intimately with the natural world, we align and harmonize our bodies to Earth’s body. Thus, Earth-Based Wellness involves centering our relationship to Earth in all that we do. It captures a holistic understanding of the world, and the inseparability of nature from our health and wellbeing (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual). 


Eco-Spirituality is the ancient recognition that Spirit breathes and lives within all forms of existence. It refers to the intertwining of intuition and awareness, while engaging in a relational view of person/planet, inner/outer bodyscape, and soul/soil. Eco-Spiritual cultivation fosters deep inner self-reflection; recognizing the seen and unseen; rediscovering the mystery presence within creation; embodying the sacred; and connecting with the cosmos. It is an acknowledgement that we are One with Earth (Earth is not outside us, but within us); a reverence for the living beings with whom we share home, a kinship with all of life’s creatures, and a commitment to serving the reformation of our planet that integrates Spirit.


Embodied Activism is the commitment of showing up for your relations and doing the work to understand your particular place (identity location) within the movement for collective transformation and liberation. How you show up and the nature of your personal activism and unlearning journey is dependent upon who you are and the intersecting identities that you hold. It is all about taking responsibility for the power and privileges you hold and wielding them for the good of all. Embodied Activism is the active engagement in reimagining wholeness and living out your commitment to dismantling systems of oppression and redistributing power to those who hold historically marginalized identities in service to cultural transformation and planetary healing.  


When it comes to Embodied Activism, we are committed to following the lead of established movements and organizations led by BIPOC and other folx with marginalized identities. We are here to listen, support and amplify their voices and work. We also host online co-learning spaces for white folks who want to become educated and engaged in anti-oppression work



Self is the root or center of our existence and our relationship to self is foundational to belonging. It is here where we explore connections between the bodymind, heart and spirit. It is within this dimension that we carry all of our stored memories, experiences, wounds and inherent purpose. When we learn to cultivate our inner source, we are fed by the wellspring that is our essential nature. Turning our attention inward is the first step toward healing and understanding the power we have to contribute our greatest selves to the healing of our world.


Partnership is the dimension that provides us with our greatest reflection. We are tested most by the people with whom we co-exist intimately and are challenged to enter into the shadow lands of our lives where we learn to overcome the power dynamics that perpetuate dominance and disharmony. Through partnership we are invited to confront the unconscious patterns of our conditioning so that we may heal and co-create synergy as a unified body. 


Relationship to family is the dimension of experience that we are born into  and is the context from which we inherit and absorb our very first imprints. We carry the living memory of kind and loving ancestors within our our DNA who we can connect to and reclaim our relationship with. Every family carries within it a particular energetic

lineage that has been passed down from generation to generation. It is through our family culture that we are given the opportunity to learn from our inherited wounds, begin the healing work of unravelling unhealthy generational patterns, and clear the karmic weight of our families. Through a conscious process of individuation we honor our family constellation by making it our life's mission to transmute and transcend the traumatic legacy of our collective past. 


Relationship to community is the dimension of our lives where we are given the opportunity to integrate our healing work in service to others and to step more fully and authentically into true power and responsibility. As we heal, our gifts are made known and it is a part of our sacred duty to offer them up for the sake up the whole. Within this realm our, energy is no longer only about self-healing but contributing our best selves to understanding where we have come from so that we may be a force of healing on behalf of the collective.


Relationship to Earth is the foundation of true belonging and is the dimension of our lives that connects us to absolutely everything else. Our body is a microcosm of Earth and so we come to discover that our relationship to our bodies is reflective of our relationship to Earth. We are born of Earth and our entire livelihood and well-being is given to us by Her. Cultivating an intentional relationship with Earth through nature immersion, ritual and somatics has the power to invoke Her healing energies and elemental forces to renew and guide us in our life and work. Earth is our greater body and from this place of awareness we are invited to learn from the living landscapes of which we are a part, to consciously co-create in harmony and to take responsibility for her wellbeing with the same love that she demonstrates to us.


Founders of Way Of Belonging & 

MindBody Therapy Practitioners

Jess and Michelle are canadian and american settlers of celtic decent. They are married, spiritual partners who have been on the path of personal transformation for more than 10 years and have devoted their lives in service to planetary healing. Upon meeting one another in 2015 Jess and Michelle experienced an out of body energetic unification and were initiated into a spiritual partnership that shook the foundations of everything they had previously known about themselves and relationships leading up to that point. Through an exploratory process of conscious, relational work  they began to slowly peel back the layers of conditioning that kept them from showing up fully in their authentic truth and  power. After the initial painstaking  process of this phase they

began to heal and transmute their trauma imprints, unconscious generational patterns and soon developed relational tracking methods that would support their evolving awareness and needs. Since that time, Jess and Michelle continue to do healing work within their own lives and have developed a unique approach to personal embodiment and conscious relationality based on their own personal learnings, studies and trainings. They know first hand the kind of commitment it takes to show up in loving truth, integrity and transparency to do the healing work necessary for empowerment and change. Today they offer in-person or distant sessions in energy healing and embodied therapeutic mentorship for individuals and couples. They currently reside in and occupy the traditional territories of the Shakori, Eno, Sissipahaw, Occaneechi, Sapponi, and other indigenous peoples otherwise known today as the Piedmont region of North Carolina.


"In this day and age it can be frustrating  and challenging to just be still - to quiet the noise, to reflect, to truly connect. Jess and Michelle give hope that a life full connection and transformation is not just possible, but accessible. We all feel lost sometimes. We’ve all felt pain, loss, and grief. We all yearn for something more but aren’t quite sure what for or how to get there. They are no strangers to the yearning for a meaningful life. In fact, their journeys with self, both challenges and triumphs, have lead them to each other and to this work. All that to say, they are doing the work themselves. When it comes to credibility, they are tried and true. All you have to do know this is look at the lives they are living. Each day, they rise with the intention to know and love themselves, each other, and this earth more deeply. They strive to build community with everything they do. Every moment, they are paying homage to this earth and to the spirit of humanity. "

- Allison Lindenberg


​"Jess and Michelle have taken the time to Skype with my partner and I, offering guidance, support, and laughter, all the while relating to us in deeply real, human ways. As far as couple’s coaching, the magik in their guidance lies in their transparency around their own  relationship and not being afraid to share it with the world. They've shown and proven to us that it is possible to have a beautiful, conscious relationship without the pressure of it needing to be perfect." 

Gabrijela Milas

"Working with Jess and Michelle has been truly eye opening for me. Their guidance and intuition has helped me discover many valuable lessons about myself. Each session I’m in awe of how they hold space for me, process my experiences, and transform my words into insightful and actionable steps forward in ways I never could have seen on my own. They have a wealth of knowledge, and over the course of our work together they have shared many relevant and valuable resources with me that have helped shape my thinking around my emotions and relationships. Further, they are just a pleasure to connect with. I started working with them somewhat serendipitously, and I’m so grateful for how everything has worked out. They are such bright lights, and I’ve loved learning more about their own life experiences and relationship. If you’re reading this you should definitely reach out to them – you won’t regret it!”

Monique Gottlieb



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