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Way Of Belonging is run operated by white, queer, cis, able-bodied practitioners. We take seriously our complicity in perpetuating systems of harm and are doing our best to meaningfully contribute to the deconstruction of oppression in all of its forms. 

The land of Turtle Island, and the country colonially known as the USA, was stolen from Indigenous people, forcibly worked by enslaved Africans and their descendants, and further enriched by the exploited labor of waves of new immigrants — building an empire that upholds white supremacy nationally and globally. 

At Way Of Belonging, we approach our nature-based healing work with the understanding that loving earth and each other means carrying the sacred responsibility to:

  • understand the present day impacts of our shared history on the lands that we call home. 

  • unlearn colonial / white supremacist conditioning 

  • practice repair through wealth re-distribution

  • center the needs of those who have been most impacted by the violence of dominator culture. 


As the folks at Weaving Earth articulate: "Cultivating an authentic relationship with place in this context requires that we address the collective wounds caused by this legacy. As we educate for action to care for the planet, we must also educate for action to fundamentally change the social systems that shape our lives and the opportunities that accrue to some but not others."

Given our collective inheritance and its relationship to displacement / disconnection, we do not believe that BIPOC participants should have to have to pay for the reclamation of connection to Land/Nature/Place.

For this reason, we offer funds on a sliding scale to Black, Indigenous & People of Color (BIPOC) for any of the following offerings:

  • Sacred Grove Membership

    • Seasonal Ceremonies

    • Lunar Wisdom Circle

  • Pop-up  events and/or drop-in gatherings


The “sliding scale” begins at $0, and does not need to go any higher. However, it includes the possibility of offering a gift of any size which will go directly back into the Fund to support other BIPOC participants in joining future events & programs. 

To receive funding, simply let us know below what offering you'd like to receive funding for and the amount you are requesting. 


Our offerings are provided on an equity sliding scale to support people from all walks of life. A sliding scale is a tool for building economic justice, and requires your active participation. A wider range of payment options across the scale promotes broader accessibility, while insuring fair compensation to the service provider.


Our rates range from general to interdependent as follows: 

The GENERAL rate is the actual cost of a particular offering.


The COMMUNITY CARE rate is the first tier that allows participants who can afford to pay more to do so. This helps us to build our Community Care & Relational Repair fund.

The INTERDEPENDENCE rate is the second tier that allows participants who can afford to pay more to do so. This helps us to build our Community Care & Relational Repair fund.

We are committed to making this offering accessible to EVERYONE. If you cannot afford the sliding scale please reach out:


We welcome thoughtful feedback with a desire to learn and grow in the process of integrating new insights and awareness.

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