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An Anti-Racist Co-Healing Circle

“You cannot change any society unless you take responsibility for it, unless you see yourself as belonging to it, and responsible for changing it.”

- Grace Lee Boggs

Belonging In Practice is a co-healing study/practice space for white and white-passing comrades to deepen political education, leadership development, & personal transformation work toward building multiracial movements for collective liberation.

Belonging In Practice first began in June 2020 in response to the murder of George Floyd on May 25th, 2020. Like so many others, we were disgusted, grief-struck, and outraged; it's problematic that it took the loss of another black life to get white folks to care, to wake up, and consider their role in perpetuating systems of oppression that were designed to keep BIPOC disenfranchised.


And yet, one year later we continue to witness the onslaught of police brutality against black bodies. As white folks, we understand the importance of coming together with other white people to deepen our anti-racist commitment in white communities and to help build multiracial movements for collective liberation. The intention of this community space is to do just that... through study and embodied practice.

This is a space where we can be seen and heard by one another. It will not be easy work. We’re going to get uncomfortable. It will be painful at times. We’re going to be inconvenienced. Committing to antiracism and anti-oppression means making real changes in how we live our lives. It means showing up and being accountable to BIPOC communities. Be ready for this. This is not a space for performative allyship and "wokeness"… we recognize that this is a part of our unlearning.


  • You are ready to get unsettled (decolonize) and make racial justice and anti-oppression work a serious part of your life.

  • You want to unpack and work to transform harmful behaviors rooted in unconscious fears, internalized white supremacy, and colonial ways of being.

  • You are interested in healing transmitted intergenerational, familial, and cultural wounds.

  • You feel the importance of grounding and politicizing your spirituality and healing work.

  • You want to unlearn and grow alongside other white folx who are doing the hard and uncomfortable work of dismantling internalized white supremacy.

  • You want to be challenged and held accountable as you begin (or deepen) your activist journey. 

Topics of Interest

White Supremacy Culture

Racial Capitalism

Indigenous Resistance & Decolonization


Disability Justice

Patriarchy & BIPOC Feminisms

Environmental & Climate Justice


Food Sovereignty

Solidarity Economy

Previous Sessions

Summer 2020: Me & White Supremacy Workbook by Layla Saad

Winter 2020: My Grandmother's Hands by Resma Menakem

(as part of our book club)


Next 6 Week Session beginning on:

Thursday, November  11, 2021  |  7:30-9:00PM

Whether you are new to racial equity work or are a seasoned organizer,  we invite you join us for this important co-learning journey as we seek to challenge internalized colonialism, racial capitalism, heteropatriarchy, and white supremacy.


We offer a sliding scale for this offering based on the following:





We invite you to give as generously as you can since all proceeds will go to 7 Directions Of Service, Indigenous-led grassroots organizing  . A small percentage will cover operational costs.

*We understand access to resources is a result of institutionalized systems of oppression including but not limited to white supremacy, classism, heteropatriarchy, ableism, capitalism, and colonization. The above sliding scale fee structure allows those who have systematically benefited from these unjust and inequitable systems to practice reparations within our community. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Those who have access to financial resources are invited to pay at the the Generosity level. If you are in need of financial assistance, please reach out to us at: to co-create reciprocity that works for you.

Finally, let us name that we are not experts in the field of antiracism nor do we consider ourselves anti-racist educators. We are co-learners and are simply offering a space to deepen the conversation, to study alongside you, to share the experience of moving through selected readings/resources, and strategize actionable next steps to deepen our understanding and commitment to ending white supremacy.